Touch of Grace Introductory Conference Calls

 TOUCH OF GRACE Healing and Harmonizing Practice Let a Touch of Grace bring you back into alignment with your self, your source and your joy for life!   Touch of Grace is a gentle, yet powerful practice that is a blend of both ancient and cutting edge, energy integration and psycho-spiritual modalities. FREE INTRODUCTORY CALLS:Continue reading “Touch of Grace Introductory Conference Calls”

Guided Meditation Three Breaths

Here is the next meditation video. This time it is your turn to practice Three Breaths Meditation. In this video I offer a couple of tips for how to focus the mind and slow down the breath as a way to tune in, connect with your center and have a little “breathing space” in yourContinue reading “Guided Meditation Three Breaths”

ON LINE CLASS – The Three Pillars of Conscious Relationship

Please join me for a free half hour introductory talk on the Three Pillars of Conscious Relationship on Wednesday  September 11 at 10 am Hawaii time.   We will connect via web conferencing.  ( details to follow) Following the Introductory talk is a three part on line workshop The Three Pillars of Conscious Relationship  PartContinue reading “ON LINE CLASS – The Three Pillars of Conscious Relationship”

The Three Pillars of Conscious Relationships

I just returned from a wonderful visit to family and friends on the mainland.  It was a time of shining ease and flow in my connections.. a peak experience for me as a Relationship Coach and Mentor and the result of many years and even decades of healing, releasing and rebuilding connection both on theContinue reading “The Three Pillars of Conscious Relationships”

“Love is the only path…

“Love is the only path, love is the only god, and love is the only scripture. Impress this verse upon your memory and chant it constantly if you want to realize your dreams of growth.”—Swami Kripalu This is my spiritual grandfather Swami Kripalu, whose name means compassion and whose loving presence changed my life andContinue reading ““Love is the only path…”

Demonstration : Three Breaths Meditation

Hi Everyone Here is a short video introducing what I call Three Breaths Meditation.   It is a quick easy way for you to add a few moments of peace ease and grace to you day. Please watch as I demonstrate Three Breaths Meditation and then tune in again soon as I will continue toContinue reading “Demonstration : Three Breaths Meditation”