About Grace

I have been blessed beyond imagining with a lifetime of learning the art of conscious living, relationship and leadership. Through out my journey, I have also experienced the mysterious touch of grace over and over; that invisible hand that heals, uplifts and bestows gifts that evoke profound awe and wonder.

It is my passion and purpose to share the wealth that has filled my life with YOU and to support you in also living in happiness, harmony and deep fulfillment.

BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD,  CARE FOR ALL CONNECTIONS,  LIVE IN GOD”S GRACE are the pillars of my life and are a daily balancing act of self-responsibility, consciously co creating with all of Life, and being blessed and guided by the Divine Source Within.

I have had the privilege of sharing these practices with people from around the world in both their personal and professional lives.  From teenagers just getting started in life to seniors preparing to die, from couples longing for true heart-felt intimacy in their relationships to singles on a profound, soul-searching path of awakening, from beginners to healers and leaders in the field of transformation, from homemakers to boardroom power brokers, I have witnessed first hand the amazing, life altering changes that happen when even simple practices like breathing consciously and listening from the heart become a way of life.

The leaders of our world have a special place in my heart as they are being challenged in extraordinary ways to help guide our businesses, governments, places of education and worship to new, more inclusive, flexible and heart centered cultures and practices.  The global community is changing at the speed of light and those at the helm have a pivotal role to play in the direction we are all going.   I am committed to supporting those of you who are called to these all important positions .

The leaders of tomorrow, our precious children, are the greatest inspiration for the work I offer.   More and more children are conveying to us both the overwhelming distress of coping with the imbalance in our world and also the brilliant potential of what it means to be human at this stage in our evolution.

I am guided to offer meditation to you dear children, and consciousness coaching to your parents, teachers and community members so that we may all be the mentors and guides that you need us to be.   You are the light of our world and the bringers of a hope filled tomorrow.  May you and your families receive all the love and support you could possibly need to flourish and contribute the mastery you have brought with you.  

Please see my coaching and mentoring page for more information about the core practices that are the foundation of my work.  They are profoundly effective and I am certain, can support you in creating healing, breakthroughs and quantum leaps in your life journey.

One deeply fulfilling and fun offering is officiating your wedding and conducting blessing ceremonies for special events, life transitions and spaces. Helping you create a beautiful, meaningful and joy filled ceremony that perfectly expresses and celebrates your unique love story lights me up with great gladness.  Please go to my Weddings and Blessing Ceremony page for more information.

I live in the magnificent Pacific Northwest. Playing, hiking, swimming and simply being in nature are my favorite ways to be in JOY.  Meeting new people, finding kindred spirits in unexpected ways and making friends with soulmates in fur are magic moments that show me that all is right with the world even when appearances would try to prove otherwise. 

If you are in search for some support in your life, to help in re aligning with your center and life purpose or some break though practices for your personal and professional relationships, please be in touch.  Enjoy exploring my pages and posts and I look forward to hearing from you soon.  

May the blessings of love and grace touch you today.

Aloha,    Grace

For those of you would want a more traditional career track here is my resume.

Donna Grace MacLeod

808 212 8694




1991 – present

Owner – Graceful Living Coaching, Classes and Retreats

Edmonds,  Washington

Private client coaching, relationship coaching, leadership coaching offered through out United States and Canada

Custom individual and couples retreats  – three to thirty days

3, 6, 12 month mentorship program providing in depth training in conscious living and leadership practices


2001 – 2002

Center for Optimal Health, Dr. Ann McCombs 

Bellevue, Washington

Provided facilitation sessions to patients as part of holistic healing protocol

Consulted with staff to improve staff relationships and organizational culture

1995 – 1998

The Nickelson Group Consulting

San Luis Obispo, California

Designed and co- led Leader One leadership Intensives – a three to five day group program in conscious leadership practices for the Automotive Dealership industry

1991 – 1995

Work and the Human Spirit Consulting

Spokane, Washington

Designed and co-led the five day Executive Development Intensive for CEO’s and Vice Presidents of Fortune Five Hundred Companies

Team and individually facilitated individual executives and their spouses in leadership and holistic lifestyle program designed to bring more heart centered visionary leadership and balance to their companies and personal lives.

1993 – 1994

Kripalu Leadership Center

Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Designed and led the Empowered Leadership five day program

for business, non profit and entrepreneurial leaders

Coached individual executives and leaders

Managed marketing, sales and program registrations

1991 – 1992

Sheraton Princeville Resort

Prince Golf Course and Spa

Princeville, Hawaii

Designed and led yoga and meditation classes for resort guests

1980 – 1990

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

Lenox, Massachusetts

Managed the following departments for our three hundred guest and three hundred staff residential holistic education facility: Guest Reservations and Registration, Guest Programs, Dining Room and Menu Design, Human Resources, Staff Education.

Designed and led experiential three to twenty one day workshops for up to one hundred people in the following subject areas : Transforming Stress, Self Esteem,

Conscious Relationships, Meditation, Vision Questing, Inner Quest Intensives, Expanded Self Intensives.

Co Designed a cutting edge transformational modality called The Wave Work

Taught the Wave Work to three hundred staff and many hundred guests.

1978 – 1980

Ontario Ministry of Corrections

Probation and Parole Office

Bellevue, Ontario Canada

Probation and Parole Officer  – one hundred client case load

Provided case supervision monthly meetings with clients.

Provided the Provincial Court with Pre Sentence Reports

Created and Led an education program for young offenders called Save The Youth Now Group ( STYNG)  which brought young offenders to the Millhaven maximum security penitentiary to meet with life sentence prisoners.



 Four-Year Honours’ Bachelor of Social Work Degree

Kings College, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada



Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training  200 hours

Kundalini Yoga Training, (advanced pranayama and meditation) 200 hours


Kripalu Mind Body Health Training  200 hours


Polarity Therapy Training  50 hours

Kripalu Yoga Therapy Training  200 hours


The Wave Work Facilitator Training  200 hours


 Bikram Yoga Training  50 hours

 1980 – 1994

 Private Mentorship in Advanced Conscious Lifestyle and Leadership Practices

 1987 – 1989

 Private Mentoring in Psychic Awareness and Energy Healing

2001 – 2013

 Private Mentorship in Advanced Western and Vedic Astrology Life Guidance System

 Other Training

 Ongoing workshops and seminars in the following areas and with the following  teachers:

Family Constellations, Conscious Dialogue, Gestalt Therapy, Focusing, The Ennegram, Human Design, Reiki, Shamanic Journeying and Soul Retrieval,

Deepak Chopra, Marion Woodman, Thomas Moore, Jack Kornfield, Marianne Williamson, Barbara Handclow, Barbara Marx-Hubbard, Bert Hellinger.


 Swimming, hiking, biking, and being in nature; animal communication and rescue;  floral design; home entertaining and party and event planning; meditation and yoga, helping the new children who are here to be the change agents of our world.









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