Getting Married In the Garden


What a delight and honor to help Kathleen and Patrick marry each other all over again, right in my own magical garden.

At this time when our world is so fragile and fraught with fear and uncertainty, we had a simple, short celebration of the triumph of love.  Not just a “once in a lifetime” love but an ” I choose you all over again” love.

After marrying, having two great kids and divorcing, Kathleen and Patrick discovered that they still were each other’s “person.”  How incredible to have the courage and humility to proclaim:  “perhaps we made a great, big, old mistake and let’s have a do over!”

And so they did.  Just them, their two teen boys, a few friends, the sunshine and the garden.

We had a beautiful eagle feather blessing and a ring washing ceremony to wash away any history that did not belong in this new marriage and with simple “I DO’s” and “I TAKE YOU, AGAIN” these two love birds from long ago were ready to fly forward together.


When the wedding was over, Kathleen mentioned that she loved the Pansies in my garden as they reminded her of her grandmother.  What she didn’t know is that my grandmother was the unintended inspiration for my garden when I designed and planted it three years ago.   Her very, special hand painted dishes that I had always loved as a child and had a very special story attached to them, had been bequeathed to me and finally came to my home right about the same time as I was planting my garden.  They were promptly stored in the top shelves of my kitchen and stayed there almost untouched.  How incredibly mind blown was I, when two years later, I picked some of the flowers from my now flourishing garden and reached up to get a special plate to put them on.  My garden is a living breathing reflection of my beloved grandmother’s precious dishes!



How wonderful to share this connection with our grandmothers’ Kathleen.  May you and Patrick and your precious sons live happily in your Re-Marriage and may the sprits of your parents and grandparents, the beauty of nature and the inspiration of love lift you up now and always.



One response to “Getting Married In the Garden”

  1. Thank you for this beautiful sharing Grace! A wonderful inspiration as we re-focus on the importance of love in these transformational times.

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