How Do You Get An Entire World To Stop

For a very long long time, so many of us have been attempting to change our world… We know that things are so beyond out of balance that we have taken to the streets and begged our powerful institutions to pay attention… Not much response!!

UNTIL a tiny bug, a virus, shows up and spreads across the planet… WELL THEN  are you listening now?  I am touched and a bit bemused by the response.  Until it looks like a World War we seem to not know how to respond… but this time I pray we can respond differently… the message is to STOP… just slow down, stay at home and take care of your self and your loved ones… how incredibly brilliant… Do you know that I have been dancing and crying in my living rom?  How else could we create a global adjustment?As beloved Rumi is fond of saying, ” Out beyond the ideas of right doing and wrong doing, there is a field, I will meet you there”  Is is possible that this small invisible assistant might be the guide to that field?

All that is needed now is silence, stillness, quietude, kindness and a gentle return to that which makes you feel well.  How simple and brilliant and beautiful… Love your SELF and Love your immediate family.. that is all that is required… For those of us who are called to the front lines.. God Bless You and I hope in the after math you will know that you played a part in a global shift that we have been preparing for, for a very long time.

How ever we imagine such concepts of heaven.. we have an opportunity right now to create just that much right here on earth. Kindness, caring, inclusion, miracles and magic in the face of what seems impossible, breakthroughs and beginnings, the likes of which we could only dream of… sorry if this offends, but Hooray Virus, Hooray…you are changing our world and I say Hooray..


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