Uber Magic Rides Again!

For those of you who have followed my Uber driving adventures here is a REALLY fun installment.

As you know, I received the guidance to be an Uber driver to help manifest my intentions to serve the world and share light and love with my fellow humans.  I also was asking for ways to increase my profile in my local community and on the broader world stage and market my private practice of Graceful Living Coaching, Classes and Retreats.

It took some deep trusting and digesting a few slices of humble pie to accept and trust this guidance.  As I have shared previously, the connections, synchronicities and precious moments of deep heart felt connection that have happened in my wee, white Uber mobile have been amazing, affirming and joy filled.

It has been almost two years since I said YES to this guidance and I have given over two thousand rides.  2,000!  That is actually not that many in the ride share world, however being on a small, rural island that receives visitors from around the world keeps it interesting, all be it, a kind of slow mo gig most of the time.

Each day before going out to drive I pray and ask “please bring me those who are seeking me as I am seeking them in the service of fulfilling my life purpose. ”

Earlier this year, the magic really started to escalate when I gave a ride to a member of the Team Sail Like A Girl team.  The team were preparing to compete in the R2AK, a daunting race through the Inside Passage from Port Townsend Washington to Ketchikan Alaska with no motors and no outside assistance.  As soon as I heard of their mission, I KNEW I was to support them and carried their team card in my card for the next several weeks.

The Team captain posted on facebook that they were looking for someone to bless their boat before the race and I was right there ready and waiting to say: “please pick me!”

We had an extraordinary and beautiful boat blessing with big prayers, invocations of Father God and Divine Mother’s blessings and protection and visualized the entire race together, proclaiming a safe journey and race outcome beyond anyone’s wildest imagining.

Team Sail Like a Girl WON the entire race and I was on cloud nine for days and weeks feeling the joy of having gotten to fulfill a piece of my purpose by supporting these amazing women in fulfilling theirs.

Being involved with the Sailing Women re ignited a vision I had had twenty years ago of doing cruising leadership retreats through this same exquisite, Northwest Passage along the coast of British Columbia.  I even wrote to the esteemed David Suzuki, one of Canada’s champions of the environment and shared my vision of bringing the world leaders to this Sea of Silent Dreams to experience and be inspired by its beauty, peace and majesty.


After the Sailing Girls won the race, I started meeting and networking with the sailing and racing community involved in the R2Ak and learned about a company called Uncruise.  A “small ship, big adventure” cruising enterprise that offers cruises up the Inside Passage and other amazing natural sanctuaries around the world.  I considered going on one of their cruises myself but never actually did as it was a busy Uber summer and I was intent on focusing on my Intentions and Visions more than vacationing.

I also discovered that one of our local sailors who offers day cruises in our area would be sailing in Mexico this winter and approached him to explore the idea of doing cruising retreats with him.  He was also having a busy summer so we never found a time to meet.

Fast forward to October and the surging seas of tourists have calmed.  The drizzle and mists of Autumn have arrived and the Uber requests are few and far between.  My inner voices are ranting at me:  “what are you wasting your time for on this ride share gig?”  “there is no money in this and it is not really going any where.”

PING!!!!!  off I go into the rain and fog to pick up a passenger.  Using GPS on our small, wooded island is quite the hilarious and sometimes infuriating experience.  It cannot tell the difference between one laneway completely shrouded in trees and another, so I am often roaming around like a lost gnome and have to call my rider to find out where they are.  This time I called, and the woman’s phone reception was horrible.  While cursing under my breath, “what a ridiculous waste of time! what am I doing out here?” I eventually found  my way to her and off we go.

GUESS WHO WAS IN MY CAR?   a captain of one of the Uncruise ships … the one that travels through the Inside Passage to Alaska.

I almost drove off the road.  I shared my story and my dream of doing retreats on these waters and also in warm sunny places.  She gave me her card and off she went.

I wrote to her and shared my article ” Sea of Silent Dreams”  She forwarded my message to the Sales and Marketing department and that woman contacted me within an hour.  She let me know that I could reserve the entire ship for a mere one hundred thousand dollars and bring thirty five to eighty of my clients on board for the whole cruise.

I explained that that was not a viable option for me and she forwarded me to another department that coordinates the staff for the cruises. I also heard from her within an hour.

We spoke by email that day and here is the message she sent me.

“It just so happens that there is a cruise in Baja Mexico in January of 2019 and I am looking for a Wellness host who specializes in yoga and meditation.  Would you be interested and are you available?”

Up went my hand again and I said “pick me! pick me!”

I was hired the next day for a seven day cruise in the warm, Mexico sunshine and all I have to do is offer a few yoga classes and workshops on meditation and wellness. I will have the opportunity to connect with eighty wonderful humans from around the globe and perhaps touch their hearts and inspire their souls.  THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!!

AND… I was also hired for another cruise along the Columbia and Snake Rivers next October 2109.


My life is completely designed and directed by my deep belief and practice of these principles.   We create our reality by that which we hold in our hearts and minds to be already true, already happened.   Seeds planted in deep soulful, purpose inspired, inner moments, DO blossom and bloom in delightful, unexpected and magical ways.  Doubts are part of the process and do require persistent practice of clearing them.  Investing in the practices that move us into states of ONENESS and co creating with the Divine from there does bring forth the miracles of fulfillment.

The moral of the story?  When you get a message in meditation to be an Uber driver to help serve the world and share love and light with humanity.  DO IT!!!!

AND  you are all invited to join me in Baja- January 26- February 2nd 2019.

Sending blessings to one and all.

love Grace



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