Weddings & Blessing Ceremonies



* Custom Wedding Ceremony Design

* Non Denominational Ceremony Officiant

* Pre and Post Wedding Counseling

* Wedding Day Wellness Sessions


As a registered officiant, I am available in the the Pacific Northwest andHawaii for weddings, civil unions, vow renewals, all life celebrations, events and space blessings. If you live elsewhere and wish for me to officiate your special event or wedding, please be in touch.  “have love to share, will travel!” 🙂

My wish is to support you in being truly prepared and present for this most important step you are taking in celebrating your love for one another and committing to your lives together.

I offer pre marriage counseling to give you the core skills for a conscious relationship and to help you live your love as a daily practice of being fully connected to your self, your source and each other.  The path of committed relationship is one of the most beautiful opportunities to learn, grow, give and receive the best of what it means to be an agent of love in the world.

As your special day approaches, I will help you design a custom ceremony that is a genuine and unique expression of your personalities and preferences.  I specialize in simple, nature based, joyous ceremonies that include your own choices of rituals, readings, prayers, songs, personalized vows and even humor.

The most important aspect of your wedding ceremony is your heart centered presence.  With all the arrangements, logistics and focus on the details that you have poured so much energy into, it is essential to be able to settle into your hearts and truly be present for and with each other during your ceremony. You may want to arrange for a Wellness Session for you and your family and friends. A yoga and deep relaxation class, a walk in nature, a time for private reflection before the festivities begin.   It is my honor to hold a space of graceful presence for you and to help you savor every moment of this sacred celebration.

“You and I, it’s as though we have been taught in heaven how to kiss and sent down here to earth together, to see if we know what we were taught” – Boris Pasternak


Through out our lives we often experience small and significant transitions.  A time of transition is like a thresh hold to a new and unknown world.  From birth to death, we navigate these changes, which involve not only a new time in our lives but often a new space.  During these times of entering into a new chapter or phase of life, we long to know that we are held and supported, and search for a way to commune with the unseen world, asking for the blessings of providence upon us and our special events and passages.

“A blessing ceremony is gracious invocation from the human heart to the heart of the divine.  A blessing creates a circle of light drawn around a person, place or event to protect, heal or strengthen. The beauty of a blessing is that it affects what unfolds.” – John O’Donohue

Please contact me to explore  a package of services that meets your needs or simply to have me “save the date” so I can help you marry each other and celebrate the special events in your life.



Thank you so much for volunteering to officiate our first ever Valentine’s Day Vows on the Bow event. Your words filled the entire boat with love and joy. This was a special sailing not only for those that participated but also for those that witnessed this special moment. We greatly appreciate your time and services in making this event a  huge success!

Very best,

Kathy Mesa

WSDOT Ferries Division Communications






Several couples gather on a ferry to renew their marriage vows on the Seattle-Bainbridge route

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