Earth Day 2020 A Dream Come True

Happy Earth Day! Oh Happy Day!!! that may have taken a few millennium to arrive!


I recently received an invitation to write a memoir about Me and Mother Earth..Here is a brief rendition in honor of Earth Day.


There is a delightful radio show called Out In America on NPR. The narrator is Tom Papa and he always starts his show with this question. Have you ever? And answers his own question with “I Have!”


Well here is my version only it is called Out In Mother Earth!


Have you ever been sent on assignment to care for an entire planet?


I have.


Not once, not twice but perhaps a thousand times, over a thousand lifetimes


Coming back from the future to serve my client, Mother Earth.


I am a spiritual counselor by trade and while I thought my calling was to save the broken hearts of what it has meant to be human over the past few millennium, it turns out the one I am here in deep devotion to is our beautiful blue green planet herself.


I began my career so early in life this time around I did not even know I had begun working yet. All I knew is that I would cry myself to sleep at night as I heard my parents fighting and scream in pain from leg cramps that I now know were the aching in my bones from the cracks in my earth mother’s soul.


My family moved a lot. My father would get transferred by his company and we would once again attend to the ritual of packing stuffed animals, and favorite blankets, eventually my precious china horse collection and the other necessary treasures for our new home.

It was not until I was in my late thirties that a psychic helped me understand that in fact it was ME that was orchestrating our moves, my father and I in a soul contract to move us along very specific lei lines, to exact addresses so that I would be placed upon the precise acupuncture point on planet earth to do my work.


This lovely woman insisted that I chart my life on an actual world map. All the moves as well as family vacations, moves to university and jobs and even my travels to Europe.

She explained that every high way and by way was a lei line and every destination an exact mathematical equation of latitude and longitude. And here is the mind- blowing part. Simply by driving along those roads and living in those homes and neighborhoods, I was activating and re balancing the electro magnetic grid of planet earth … and oh by the way… the exact same grid was being healing and activated in my body.


I remember hanging up the phone after that session and sitting in stunned silence, awe and complete resonance. I knew in utter certainty that what this beautiful guide had shared was utterly true and for one of the first times in my life I felt that I understood my life.


And so it has been and continues to be, my life governed by an agreement to eternally be ready and willing to put my backpack back on my back and continue my pilgrimage across a planet, transmuting the travesties of the human race, buried deep in the heart and belly of country roads, landscapes, rivers, oceans, rocks, trees, mountains and valleys.


One of the most distressing parts of my life has been sorting through the confusion of my call to purpose.   I absolutely LOVE working with people in the sessions, retreats and ceremonies I facilitate, create and conduct and it has been a deep conundrum to me that I work on a very small scale, mostly at the fringe of the world, even though I feel like I have gold in my pocket that I can’t even give away.   I have been blessed to learn the art of emotional and psychic healing and also came with my own memoires intact of healing arts from more advanced civilizations.


I will now humbly admit that over the decades, after spending ten years as a teacher in a spiritual community that served clients from around the world, I imagined that I was going to be another Oprah or Deepak once I launched myself out of my actual retreat center into the global arena.


Instead what has happened is that I have been literally picked up and placed in some of the most glorious natural sanctuaries in North America to do not much of anything at all.  The first of these, Kauai.!!!

I arrived at age 35, somewhat of a rock star in the spiritual community, and thus welcomed to this precious rock in the middle of the ocean. I relished in the acknowledgement and did indeed offer some classes and sessions that were gratefully received and had their usual powerful impact, AND THEN, nothing, days weeks months of empty schedules and deep, deep confusion.


(this was a few years before the map lady showed up in my world, so I was still very much identified with being a servant of the humans and filled a tad too much of my own sense of self importance)


I remember walking Hanalei Bay with such a heavy sorrow in my heart and found myself walking out into the ocean. I stood in knee-deep water looking out at all the magnificent endless blue expanse, and asking: “What do you want with me? What am I doing here?” The response was instant.   “Look around you, even though these people are mostly on vacation, they are still racing around. Look at the whole world racing around, doing! Doing! Doing!!!! You are here now as a BEING! You job is simply to BE. To BE peace, To BE love, To BE Light in the world. Just keep walking and be a channel of peace in the world… that is it, that is enough.


Kind of embarrassing to be a teacher of PRESENCE, and need to be told by the Universe that my purpose was a BEING purpose not a DOING purpose.

I wish I could say that the confusion and frustration was therefore dissolved and discontinued yet not so much. Even though I have had such incredible confirmation over the decades of my contract with Mother Earth, I have struggled with doubt and even despair sometimes.   “What am I doing here?” What is the point? I remember places so much more lovely than here. Why can’t I just beam myself up and go HOME? “


The pilgrimage has continued for almost thirty years. The GPS assignments have been mind blowing… Not only more exquisite natural sanctuaries in need of healing and balancing, but dates with human destiny that would take a whole book to write about.

Until finally about ten years ago, during another “what am I doing here meditation” an extraordinary message arrives.   I am once again imagining that it is time to exit and in probably the most profound out of body experience of my life I hear: You must go back, it is not time to cross over. You must “ENJOY” your life on planet earth, you have been coming here for thousands of lifetimes, your work is done, you will not come back here again, but before you leave you must enjoy your life. You have suffered greatly in service to this planet and your heart is sad and burdened. Now you must deeply celebrate and enjoy all that you have done and delight in the bounty and beauty of this place so that when you leave you leave with only joy in your heart.


That was ten years ago and I continue to sink into deep places of despondency as I watch the world continue to go mad. I see the younger generation taking up the call and the cause and I am their Super Fan and greatest cheerleader. Yet I feel that I am done. The torch is being passed and I am not needed any more and can I please, please just go home. It is not a feeling of suicide, just feeling done. But then the message comes again : WAIT! The good part is about to happen, don’t leave the theatre before the good part!!! WAIT!!!!


So here I am back in the Pacific Northwest and the message is “get ready to go on your farewell tour” Go see all the glory of this planet and say farewell to all the people and especially the lakes, the loons, oceans, mountains, rocks and rivers, eagles and dolphins that have been your beloveds before you ascend.


And so the universe orchestrated a winning of a travel prize for me, to go wherever I want in the whole wide world.

One of the ways I have figured out how to get out on those lei lines and light up the world is by being an Uber driver for the past three years, 3500 trips and probably 5000 miles all on a tiny island in the Salish Sea. Oh how I wish I had a “light up the grid” infrared light wand so I could see how this place where I live is beaming. I even dubbed myself the Honorary Mayor of Bainbridge Island to my riders. People from all over the planet now coming to me to receive their blessings by riding for ten minutes in my little electric Leaf light mobile and being bathed by the serene magic of this tiny cosmos of our sparkling forested island.


Uber decided to do a sweepstakes for the drivers all over the US. With every trip provided, we were re entered into the drawing. One day I opened my email and found a letter saying: “Dear Grace, Congratulations! You are one of the winners of our sweepstakes. You have won $5000. In travel gift cards and $3500. in cash. Your prize will arrive early in the New Year.”


And so 2020 arrived and I was already dreaming of my travels – I imagined New Zealand and Bali and of course my beloved Paris and on and on and on… IS THIS WHAT YOU MEANT ABOUT THE GOOD PART?


Until about two months later…THE ENTIRE WORLD STOPPED!!!


I watched the planes be grounded during 9/11 and now I watched them again, and the trains and the cars and even our precious ferries, the tugboats of the human transport system slowing almost to a crawl with no riders.


I watched images of all those places I was going to visit, empty, empty, empty. I watched as the skies cleared, the Himalayas emerged, and lions snoozed on sun soaked roads in Africa.


AND I DANCED AND WEPT IN MY TINY LIVINGROOM.   Face in hands weeping and weeping….


It is happening. Mother Earth has had enough and she has sent her children to their rooms. She is blooming and blossoming right outside my window in the riot that is our Pacific Northwest spring. I walk and walk and kiss the hyacinths and daffodils.

I sing to my eagle, my guardian and totem sprit, and lay on the warm sand at edge of the sparking Salish Sea. I can hardly contain my joy and my relief and my wonder.

The tiniest bug, not even a living thing they say, coming to threaten the lungs and the life lines of the humans powerful enough to stop an entire world.




I am awestruck by the wonder of it all.   Those grids are strong enough, lit up enough to hold heaven on earth and by cracky it is time!! Finally time to bring forth all that I have felt and known was the true destiny of my beloved Mother Earth.

I have seen it; it remembered it, dreamed it, walked it into the soil and blessed it a million times over. Declared it “already happened” in thousands of meditations and ceremonies and now I see it with my very own eyes.


My days are filled with quiet hallelujahs.   I bless the souls who are exiting during this time and offer my compassion to their families whose hearts are breaking. I know that this is the crack where the light gets in and so I sing my holy hallelujahs.


I imagine this is not the end of the global acupuncture session. I imagine there will need to be at least a series of ten. Sign up now humans and get your pre paid discount.   Until your body’s lei lines are light up with peace and ease and your mathematical equations are so aligned that you too remember who you really are and what our planet is destined to be.


In the entire cosmos, I have heard, there has never been a success story of a planet that experimented with duality and brought itself back into unity consciousness. So many crashed and burned along the way. We are oh so close to adding ourselves to that list. Yet I know in my bones, those bones that don’t ache as much these days, that the Legions of Light have already converged. Thousands upon thousands of us are here, living in the disguise of humanness and thousands more hovering above and around us. It is already achieved. In our astral state, Earth has already ascended. The grid shines bright and we are simply now attending to the descending of the light into the bricks and mortar of our brains and bodies, our bedrock and our flowerbeds. Our DNA is dancing back into its twelve strand disco design and the predictions are that we will see in these coming twenty five years an explosion of innovation five hundred times greater than the changes in the past two hundred years.


Hold on to your hats, humans. We are ALL going on a farewell tour. Farewell to disconnection, broken hearts, and fear of falling. We are quantum leaping our way to a whole new world of kindness and equal sharing of all the toys.   I am most certainly glad that I stayed the course, did not exit stage left at the last disaster.   The best part has now begun and I will be in the front row with my super sized popcorn cheering for the Heroine of my story. My Beloved Planet Earth!!!   YOU GO GIRL! WE GOT THIS! NOW LETS GET ON WITH THE SHOW!!!!!









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