Update:  I just discovered that the person who posted the precious video of the flying boy has deleted it.  It was a charming cartoon of a young Dad and his baby boy playing together when suddenly the little boy starts flying around the room.  As he grows and they go out in the world, other people are completely freaked out by the boy and his flying antics so the Dad puts rocks in his backpack to keep him earth bound. The boy becomes deeply depressed and doesn’t smile or play any more.  While he is hugging his sleeping little boy he finally comes to accept him for who he is and they go to the playground and “fly” on the swings together.  When the boy takes flight this time the Dad cheers him on…. now you know why I started this post with….  thank you to the person who created this tender beautiful video and I hope it will come back for more to see.images


I have deeply vivid dreams/memories of being a Flying Child on other planets.  I knew to stand on the edge of the bluff and wait for the wind drafts and to simply open my arms and be carried aloft like a glorious kite. I even knew how to shape shift myself into different geometric patterns in order to transmit blessing energies to my community.  My string was held not by a parent but by a beloved bear… a guardian who was completely delighted by my flights and ready to embrace me upon my return to the “land” where we lived.  These memories of living in the Stars come, into my earth life dreams from time to time and I always awaken in a most intoxicated benevolent state that feels like I am finally HOME being my full self without restriction… How incredible to find this precious video shared on facebook, expressing exactly how I have felt as a flying child in this world… God Bless the parents who are learning to embrace their magical children and may our world be blessed by those who have come with invisible wings.



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