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Let’s connect! Please send me a message or give me a call. We can chat and also have a complimentary twenty minute session to explore how I might support you in living Grace-Full-y.


Each session is designed to support you in moving into a state of “integration,” Mental, emotional, physical, energetic and even psychic stressors are gently resolved using a powerful breathing practice as well as many other modalities.  Once in this inner state of resolution, peace and empowerment; insights, inspirations, clarity and confidence emerge for addressing what ever life issue or challenge is being focused on.  I call this change process, STATE SHIFTING.  You are literally shifting your state of consciousness and accessing the natural volition to engage in your life in powerful new and fulfilling ways.  In this inner state of harmony, alignment and connection to Source, extraordinary external shifts, events, opportunities occur through the mystery of synchronicity.  “As within, so without!”  Quantum Leap your way to the state where your life is touched by Grace.

  • Individual Session   – 60 minutes  – $300.   Discounts Available for Pre paid series of sessions.


 Custom Mentoring Programs ranging from three to twelve months are available to a select few people each year.  “when the student is ready the teacher appears.”  In the mentoring process you will be supported in refining your integration of the awareness, insights and practices that are the foundation and fabric of a life of conscious empowerment and living your call to purpose. 

Each Mentorship Membership begins with an application process which will help us determine that this is a good match commitment for both of us.   

 Custom Mentorship Program Includes:

  •  2 hour Initiation Session.  This is a ceremony based session in which we establish our Sacred Container for journeying together and Invoke support from and communion with Spirit for our walk together. We will align ourselves in mutually empowered agreements and understandings of the nature of working with Spirit and in this kind of in depth relationship.  We will also engage in a visioning and intention setting guided experience using the Graceful Living Circle of Life module.  Together we will identify your cutting edge heart’s desires, and intuitive knowings of where you are ready to grow, evolve and expand in each of the segments of the module.  
  • Each month: 2  sessions ( 60 mins)  In co creation with spirit, we will attend to your visions and intentions and work with what arises utilizing the core practices models of Graceful Living: Four Circles of Conscious Living & Leadership,  Touch of Grace and Circle of One practices as well as the wealth of other modalities that are part of the Mentorship offerings.  
  • option to combine monthly sessions into a longer retreat day experience
  • option to have sessions recorded
  • module handouts
  • voice email correspondence between sessions for questions and clarification for home practice.

Mentorship Programs are custom designed.  Please schedule a discovery call so we can design yours and determine the investment. 


Experiential and Practice based sessions to support each partner in deepening their self awareness and empowerment, and together to strengthen communication, connection and the ability to navigate life’s challenges and opportunities in an inspired, joyful, cohesive partnership

  • Introductory 5 Session Series  – 3 joint sessions and 1 individual session for each partner  – $1500.
  • Three Month Counseling Package – custom design/call for pricing
  • Six Month Counseling Package – custom design/call for pricing

WEDDING AND BLESSING CEREMONY OFFICIATING                                        

ALL CEREMONIES ARE CUSTOM DESIGNED –  INITIAL 20 Minute Meeting- complimentary

CEREMONY PROPOSAL & COST provided at initial meeting  ( link to Officiant Grace website below) 

  •     Custom Ceremony Design and Delivery For Weddings, Vow Renewals, Elopements
  • Custom Ceremony Design and Delivery for Celebrations of Birth, Funerals, Memorial Services, Celebrations of Life, Space and House Blessings, Boat Blessings, Special Events
  • Pre Ceremony Preparation Meetings to connect and co create a deeply meaningful, personalized ceremony specifically designed just for you.
  • My Full Open Hearted Presence before and during your ceremony to hold space for the blessing of your special event.  Signing of License for Marriages.


Experiential and Inquiry based sessions to support your personal development, well being, call to purpose and heart centered, servant leadership relationship skills.

  • Individual Session – 60 minutes $ 400
  • Three Month Coaching Package – custom design/call for pricing
  • Six Month Coaching Package – custom design/call for pricing
  • Team Coaching Package – custom design/call for pricing

Grace MacLeod

Edmonds, WA

808 212 8694


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