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  • Meditation Beginners!!! Try Active Meditation

    Here is an article I wrote recently for a fitness magazine in answer to the question: What is active meditation and how can it help people who are just beginning meditation. Especially people with busy minds and challenges such as ADHD? If there is one thing I could say to help every single person on […]


  • The Highest Possibility of Relationship

    It takes courage to listen to someone as they share their joy, fear, anger and pain. To be soft and receptive as you listen. To be aware of your own defenses – your impulses and urges to attack or withdraw, to suppress yourself or suppress the other – and just stay present, and receive ‘what […]

  • Harvest

    Jera is the rune of harvest. Runes are a divination oracle system, that in its most ancient beginnings, dates back to approximately 1300 BC. The word rune translates loosely as “mystery” so like other divination systems, runes help us mere mortals to tap into the cosmic consciousness in our universe and deep inside our souls […]

  • The Magical First Session of Graceful Living Coaching

    There is something very consistent and magical that happens in most people’s first coaching session. It has been so persistent I wanted to share with you what you can look forward to. Have a listen and consider a first session.

  • SHARE YOUR CORE TEACHINGS WITH THE WORLD!!! – the answer received in a dream to the question: “what am I to do now in this new chapter of my life?”

    My first video blog!!! I have been being encouraged to make video blogs for a while now and this wow-zer dream certainly was potent enough inspiration to get me in front of the video camera. I have had the blessing of two core practices that I use pretty much every day and have taught to […]

  • YES! YES! and more YES!!!! What to do when the world is at war?

    Like so many of us when such traumatic events erupt in our world, I sometimes feel helpless and despairing. Yet it is also amazing to see all of the creative ways that humanity rises up to offer care, hands and boots on the ground help and amazing contribution to those who suffer. I have been […]

  • The Volunteers

    Thank you to this wonderful dad and his two daughters for sharing this perspective on what is happening on earth. And to all of us who are volunteers, young and old, what a powerful time to be here and to witness these changes that we have dedicated our lives to.

  • Valentine’s Day Ferry Vow Renewal Celebration Launches Officiant Grace

    Valentine’s Day Ferry Vow Renewal Celebration launches Officiant Grace in the PNW!!! I have officiated SO MANY ceremonies over my career as a spiritual and personal growth facilitator and began doing wedding ceremonies while living in the magic, wedding kingdom of Hawaii a decade ago. When I returned to the Pacific Northwest, other creative work […]


    In my humble opinion, Dr. Zach Bush is one of the most important voices in our world right now. In this ( long ) and powerful interview he offers a grand scale perspective on what is happening on our planet and with humanity. It is beautiful, hopeful, inspiring and an incredible invitation to shift from […]

  • WISDOM WEAVERS OF THE WORLD I so deeply resonate with the story behind this beautiful film and gathering of Wisdom Keepers that came together a few years ago on the island of Kauai. The story is that long ago when the world was going out of balance the ancient wisdom keepers of each culture agreed to forget one piece […]