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* Learn the benefits of creating a sacred space in your home

* Discover the joy of selecting décor that delights your heart and soul

* Experience simple well-being practices to easily include in your day

* Gain support for lifestyle and space “make-overs” for each stage of life


GRACE MACLEOD: Graceful Lifestyle Coach 808-212-8694

AMY CURRAN: Soulful Interior Design 206-579-7252


Let us help you create spaces and practices that support your soul at home!




I am excited to introduce you to a new “Graceful Living” offering in partnership with the wonderfully creative Amy Curran.  Through delightful synchronistic events, Amy and I were brought together and discovered that our passion for creating beautiful, soul filled spaces and helping people manifest their visions and dreams through each stage of life were completely aligned.   With only a few conversations we realized that we were both in the perfect place and time in our lives to express this mutual creative joy and VOILA!!


Soul Spaces, Lifestyle Graces is a design and coaching service to help you make your home a sanctuary of beauty, harmony, peace and joy and provides support for creating and sustaining holistic home practices and lifestyle choices that nurture you and help you be your best self in the world.

Imagine having a corner, room or entire home designed by Amy,  with exquisite colors, scents, sounds, furnishings, sacred items and SPACE that is so inviting, soothing and inspiring that you are easily drawn there every day.  Imagine giving yourself a few minutes or an hour or two to BE WITH your self in this space, caring for your body, mind, heart and soul.  Perhaps doing some yoga stretches, breathing exercises, meditation, journal writing, intention setting and even just sitting and staring off.  With each visit to your sanctuary, you are building a force field of peaceful, empowered, harmonious energy, inside and around you that is there to welcome you, help you shift gears into a self nourishing experience and sustains you as you re engage with your life in your home and in the world.

And now imagine that you have a champion and cheer leader, a coach (Grace) to join you in your space, perhaps blessing your sanctuary with a custom created ceremony, and guiding you in envisioning, planning and implementing some practices and routines that can become part of your daily life. Perhaps you want some help with greater flexibility, calming an over busy mind, soothing emotional stress, creating some “fill your well” practices.  Perhaps it is diet and exercise that is your focus or wanting  more play and creative expression in your life.   In the change process, the journey from inertia to lift off is always the greatest challenge.  Company is so much  more supportive than willpower and having a practice partner and guide can make all the difference in setting realistic goals, getting started and maintaining consistent practice.

If you find yourself entering a new stage of life;  marriage, new baby, empty nesting, healing from illness, divorce, retirement or are ready for a space and lifestyle upgrade or make over, please contact us.  Amy and I are available in person and through video conferencing to support you in creating a lifestyle and home space that feeds your soul and fills your life with grace.

Initial Consultation

We will meet with you in your home (in person or across the virtual air waves) We will listen to your needs, wishes, hopes and dreams, both for your home re design and lifestyle changes and then get back to you with a proposed plan.

Implementation Package

Using our Lifestyle and Space Design charts and guided Visioning Process we will help you identify and articulate very specific and realistic goals and then create a custom plan for you, for space creating and or lifestyle routines and practices implementation.  We will work with you through the creation of your space, including clutter removal, remodeling, decor selection and set up.  We will help you find the natural order and rhythm in your day and how to build supportive practices that reflect your personality, aspirations and demands of your life.  If desired, we will design and schedule a series of home practice sessions for you to do on your own or with Grace as your guide.

As with any change process it is necessary to be patient and persistent.  We provide support coaching calls and visits to help you sustain your momentum and continue to make your house your home and your life your joy,  over the years and stages of life.

Who We Are:


Grace MacLeod                             IMG_4566.JPG

Grace has been a personal development and conscious lifestyle coach for twenty eight years.  She was a senior faculty member and resident at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health for twelve years. She has been in private practice for sixteen years facilitating hundreds of people from around the world in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, harmonious relationships, work life balance and fulfilling their dreams and visions.

As a life long nomad, Grace as lived in more than thirty homes.  She is truly able to proclaim that HOME is where the HEART is. Through this unusual life path, Grace as discovered the joy and wisdom of making each new space a place of beauty, harmony and a holistic practice sanctuary that supports her soul journey in each step and stage of her life.

AMY CURRAN                                  IMG_6508.PNG

Amy grew up on Bainbridge Island and returned to Bainbridge 22 years ago with her husband to raise their four children. Five years ago, she went back to work as an interior decorator at a local furnishings store. She is passionate about creating functional, soulful and aesthetically pleasing living spaces for individuals and families. Amy enjoys getting to know her clients and their homes before helping them to recreate and actualize a living space to suit their needs.

A home is capable of going through several transformations over the years to accommodate the dweller’s needs and lifestyle changes. Amy has had the opportunity to do this in her own home through undergoing five interior remodels, several redecorating projects and room rearranging. This personal experience has given her an appreciation for the importance of continuing to update a home as one evolves as an individual or family unit.

Please be in touch by email or phone to being the process of creating your Soul Space and Lifestyle Graces.

Grace MacLeod,,  808 212 8694

Amy Curran, 206 579 7252





img_3904.jpgI recently had the joy and privilege of sharing yoga in a grade 5 class that was studying ancient India.   For ten days, I joined them for their first hour of school.  Together we lit candles and incense on our class alter, chanted OM, bowed to the light within ourselves and each other, did sun and moon salutations, meditated with lovely chimes and glitter bottles, snoozed in deep relaxation and learned that all of life flows like a wave to the state of peace and integration when we breathe and watch with our witness awareness and experience every moment fully.

Having been introduced to yoga by my mother at a similar age, it was profoundly moving for me to “pay it forward” to this next generation of young Light Beings.   The gift of yoga has, by far, been the greatest boon of my life.  For such a non-bendy body like mine, I am certain it has been a life saver, however it has been the deep abiding love, wisdom and ability to be fully engaged and present in all aspects of my life,  that I have gained from these ancient practices that has filled me so fully and given me my life’s purpose.

Through out the time of our classes together, I was not always sure how much they were absorbing, but I trusted that simply having the experience would enrich them and plant seeds that would bloom in their own ways.

Little did I know just how much transpired and was transmitted in our brief time together. Blessings upon blessings to their teacher,  Ms. Amy, who released her curriculum goals and practiced right along with us.  What a powerful impact the example of one trusted adult can have!

Please enjoy these amazing, stunning cards the children drew and wrote as their sharing back to me.  ALL OF THIS!!!! in ten short hours of practice!!!!  Imagine what our world would and could be if all children were given the gift of yoga in their lives.

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!  Consider taking your kids to a yoga class and if you would like me to bring yoga to your family or your school, let me know.  The children are calling! Let us respond!


“Dear Grace,

Thank you for teaching me that yoga is not all about being the best at the movement. It’s about the experience. It fills me with happiness.  Love Iris”

“Dear Grace

Thank you for  teaching me how to sit and watch instead of listen to Monkey Mind. Before I started yoga, I wasn’t aware of liking this, disliking that, but now I see that it has always been there, and I will try to keep him calm. p.s. my monkey mind is not as cute as yours.  Love Milo”

“Dear Grace

Thank you for telling us to hold the posture just one more breath or one more second than we thought we could. It showed me that I could stay and stand up for myself.  Love Susu”

“Dear Grace

Thank you for helping me slow my fast life down. Before you came and did yoga with us I rushed through life. Now I do things slower and better.  Thank you so much!!! love Mateo”

“Dear Grace

Thank you so much for doing yoga with our class. You made me realize that yoga is not just about poses and stretches but to worship the great gods and spirits. You taught me how to do hard poses, use my third eye and how to keep calm and centered. And I’m very grateful for that.  Nicola”

“Dear Grace

Before we started doing yoga together, a lot was going on in my family and we were so busy focusing on Christmas and everything you get and not taking time to be still and take time to listen like you taught us. Grace, this Christmas year you gave me something far more loving and kind than a toy doll or a pet pig. You gave the gift of love and nothing is more important to me. I’m a very grateful child this Christmas year.  Love Nora”



images.jpg   As we prepare to welcome in 2018, many feel relief that the tumult and distress of 2017 are moving into the review mirror. We hope for a kinder, gentler new year and most of us even dare to dust off our dreams and resolutions and look forward to a brighter tomorrow.  Yet, my sense is that we may not quite be done with the quaking and shaking that LIFE is bringing our way here on dear Planet Earth. We are weary from all the shocking revelations and disruptions that rattle our sense of safety and even break our hearts.

So as we prepare to welcome 2018 I wish to offer you a reminder.    Now more than ever, it is essential to remember the purpose for our lives here.  On some level, whether we know it or not, we agreed to come to a world where “forgetting” and “separation” were the name of the game.  Metaphorically we agreed to move into a field of awareness that is able to block the deep truth.  HOWEVER,  We also agreed that the point of such a game was to REMEMBER!  To find our way through the illusions and to melt back into what is REAL.

SO if you are truly ready to proclaim Happy New Year for yourself and for others, I ask that you begin by reflecting on this one simple message.


Spend just a few minutes sincerely reflecting on, breathing into, relaxing into this message and discover what difference it makes, in your body, your mind, your heart and your soul.    And then consider spending your year looking for proof that this statement is really true!  Look into the ease in your body that occurs from just a few slow, calm breaths. Look into your mind and find the steadiness that occurs when you choose to watch what you see rather than judge it or react to it. Look into your heart and feel the relief when you name and embrace your feelings. And look into your soul, dare to ask: “Even me?  You are here? Embracing Me?  You have never let go?”  I promise you that the answer will be YES!!!!!

And then go out in your world and spend your day finding all the small and magnificent ways the Force of Love is moving in our world.  It is so so easy to keep focusing on the tragedies and terrors of the day or even the stresses and frustrations.  I invite you to find even just ONE sign of proof that LOVE IS HOLDING US FAST.  And when you do, share it with someone.  Be bold,  grab someone’s hand or their attention and say: “look! look at the sunshine glistening on the frozen pond!  Look at the baby laughing!  Look at the frail elder being helped across the street by a stranger! Look at the courageous uprising of multitudes of voices, standing up to power and telling the truth.  Look at the outpouring of generosity and neighbor helping neighbor after catastrophes.”

And in so doing, you will be LOVE’s emmisary.  What a fun and fulfilling way to spend the New Year!   Will you join me?  And if you are needing a little help finding and feeling that Embrace of Love, please call me.  It is my GREATEST JOY to help you find your way HOME!

Blessings of Embracing Love to each and every one of you.  And HAPPY NEW YEAR!



From Upheaval To Uplevel

HI Everyone,

I am honored to be included in this amazing on line event that begins tomorrow, April 27th.  I am inviting you to join us- for free.  Here is the link to sign up.

If you have experienced a big upheaval in your life ( or a series of them) and would like some inspiration and insight in how to use these often devastating experiences to create a gateway into powerful transformation and quantum shifts in your life, please join us as a powerful team of experts share their own stories and life learnings.  My interview is on May 2nd and I will be sharing about “The Angel of Struggle”  – sometimes the greatest treasures in our lives are delivered by the angel of struggle.

There is also a facebook page that you are invited to join to share in on going conversation with kindred spirits who are also learning how to Uplevel!

Trusting Nudges and Persistent Impulses

Here is a fun story about how trusting in Intuition guides our lives in surprising and delightful ways.   It was written as a guest blog post for Hellogems, an on line newsletter that supports young women (and men) in their journey of empowerment. G.E.M. – Girl Empowerment Movement.


By Grace MacLeod



I have a fun and hopefully, inspiring story to share with you about how I came to be here guest blogging on the GEM’s newsletter. It is about Listening to Intuition or what I like to call “trusting nudges and persistent impulses”

The gift of intuition is one of the greatest we have as human beings, yet many of us don’t tap into or trust this powerhouse ability to guide us in our personal lives, our professional goals or life direction.

Intuition is that ability to KNOW without dependence on reason, calculation, analysis or any of the other left-brain functions. The signposts of the presence of intuition occur most often in the body, the emotions and the subconscious mind. Signals such as sudden flashes of heat or cold, goose bumps on the skin, a gripping in the stomach or chest, hair standing up on the back of our neck, prophetic dreams and even voices in our head.

Have you ever heard yourself say, ‘after the fact’ I knew that was the choice I should have made, I just didn’t listen!

Have you ever found yourself unexpectedly and perhaps embarrassingly sprouting tears, as you listen to someone, your whole being responding with resonance to the presence of TRUTH?

Have you ever felt a sudden impulse to call someone and it leads to a really important conversation?

Have you ever had tightening in your chest that felt like you couldn’t breathe but are told by a physician that there is nothing physically wrong?

These are the ways our Intuition communicates with us, yet so often we doubt or dismiss them. Our critical mind tells us we are imagining things, being overly sensitive or surely must have some REAL health issue going on. Sadly, the more we ignore the persistent nudges and impulses that are signaling us from this extraordinarily wise part of our nature, the more extreme and overt the signals will become. From faint whispers and inner prompts, to sleepless nights and upset stomachs, to full-blown life crises, our Intuition will persist until it is heard.

I refer to it as the voice of the soul, the part of us that knows us and is connected to the invisible intelligence that informs every single part of creation. It ALWAYS has our best interests at heart.

My discovery of the power of intuition came in my early twenties when I was deeply impassioned in my career goals to be an agent of change in the world. At

the same time, I began my practice of yoga and meditation. The more I came to recognize, listen to and act on the nudges and persistent impulses that would arise in my practice sessions or simply while I was being quiet, the more my life changed.

It is true, that indeed I am on this planet to be an agent of global change, but instead of focusing on external social systems, as I first aspired to do, I came to understand that my path was one of change from the inside out.
One of my first really big experiences of intuition and inner guidance came while I was on what was supposed to be a round the world trip to see this beautiful, but beleaguered planet and her people. As I sat in meditation after my yoga postures, in a friend’s home in rural England, I suddenly “saw” in front of my eyes a list of all my life goals. Financial success, happy marriage, powerful career accomplishments etc. In a slow moving arc they slipped behind my left shoulder and heard in a clear voice:

“Your entire life is about transformation!!!”

To make a very long story short I will simply tell you, I cancelled my world tour, went home, quit my job and moved to a yoga and holistic health center. Over the next 12 years, I developed my abilities as an agent of global change by focusing on my own transformation and becoming a facilitator and teacher for thousands of others who came to our center seeking peace, health, happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

Since leaving the center, almost twenty years ago, I have been the sole proprietor of my own spiritual counseling, leadership coaching and retreat practice. As all of us know, with any enterprise it is necessary to broadcast our product or service to the world if we wish to share our gifts and be successful. Over the years I have learned and used all the tools and tricks of marketing, from brochures and business cards to websites and even a YouTube channel. While I am certain that all of these have contributed to the connections that have allowed people to find me and access my services, it is utterly clear to me that something all together different has been at work.


In the early days of building my independent practice, I would often find myself in a pocket of no work. Have you ever been there, fellow entrepreneurs? TERRIFYING!
I would amp up all my broadcasting efforts, spurred by fear and deep anxiety. Eventually my body would be come so tight and my breath so shallow that doing my beloved yoga would become excruciating. Eventually I would come to my one saving posture, YOGA MUDRA, literally the posture of surrender. Sitting on my heels, arms slowly floated behind my back, hands clasped, deep exhale and head bowed low to the ground. A conscious choice to LET GO!

What would happen next, is that very clear nudges would occur, some as simple as a guidance to call someone I had not talked to for a long time, others, as innocuous as “go to the grocery store”, and some life changing like “move to Sedona, there are clients waiting for you there”.

And what would happen next? You guessed it? Just the right conversation, the unexpected bumping into someone, the new client waiting: “I have been looking for someone to help me for so long. I have even prayed about it.”

One day after this exercise in surrender, I went for a walk and I saw a gleaming, white, stretch limousine drive by my street with a lovely woman with long blond hair in the driver’s street. I was close enough to see a smartly dressed businessman in the back and I had a flash. Hey! Those are my potential clients she is driving to the airport. And I heard that clear voice again!

“DO IT! Be a taxi driver.”

I kind of laughed under my breath and said back in offended defiance: “Are you crazy? I am a spiritual counselor and executive coach NOT a cab driver!”

As I mentioned earlier, intuition does not go away once it has a message for us. And this one certain has persisted. Over the past twenty years, I cannot count the number of times I have had the nudge from within. “Be a cab driver!” My reply always the same.

Fast forward to Christmas 2016. The cyclical nature of my private practice is doing its thing and the predictable lull at the holidays is in full force. I also have decided to not travel to see family this year and so I am sitting in my home, wondering what I will do for the next month or so and here it comes again, persistent as ever and adapted to meet the times.


I guess it is true: ‘To everything there is a season and a time for everything under heaven.’
All my inner signals went green light! Suddenly this upside down, inside out, crazy non-compute message makes perfect sense to me and I KNOW it is right.

I live on a sweet, safe, beautiful island, a mere five mile ferry ride from Seattle Washington. We have horrible cab service and the whole world arrives at our ferry terminal to experience our charming, natural sanctuary and come home from work and travels.

Within a week I was approved and out on the road. I spent the Christmas holidays driving neighbors and visitors to and fro and having the time of my life. I was blown away by the joy I was experiencing. Remember that thwarted global

trip of mine from decades ago and my dream of seeing planet earth and her people? Here they all are, sitting right in my car, from twelve countries and counting in two short months, sharing their stories as we travel along together. As a work from home, invisible entrepreneur, suddenly I am meeting my neighbors and community members and supporting them in their lives. Helping them arrive home to sit with a dying mother, race to catch a ferry with little kids and baby carriages in the pouring rain, or get home from work when their car is in the repair shop, and even the executives, home from their business trips and delighted to have their “cab driver” talk shop and offer appreciation for their accomplishments.

I have handed out more business cards in the past two months than I have in the past two years, have had awe inspiring conversations with others who are also passionate about making a difference in the world and suddenly my community and a growing collection of people from around the world know of Graceful Living Coaching Classes and Retreats from direct experience.


I am getting paid to market myself and do what I was born to do in such a profoundly simple way, lighting me up and giving me this delightful means to offer a “touch of grace” to so many people.
Each day before I turn on the app, I begin with a prayer. “May those who are seeking me, find me, just as I am seeking them.

And so it came to be on a grey, late afternoon a few weeks ago that a lovely, dark haired woman entered my car and off we went for a tour around the island. An hour later, I had learned that I had just met none other than Pryinaka Deo, one of the creators and visionaries behind Hello Gems. In our conversation, I had mentioned that I was a meditation teacher, life and leadership coach. I told her that I had been getting some guidance to do more public speaking and that I was especially focused on meeting and serving the young people who are rising up to become the leaders and change agents of our world. Priyanka shared some of your stories with me and I had that all over visceral response of “YES!” This is a match.

And so here I am, saying “Hello” GEMS. I am so delighted to meet you. I salute you for your passion and commitment to being empowered and wish you great fulfillment in your personal and professional lives. Our world needs each and every one of you. I urge you each day to eek out a few moments or hours of respite from the constant noise and break neck speed of life. In the quiet, turn your attention within and listen to those nudges and persistent impulses, dear GEMS. They really are your divine GPS system, guiding you to be the most beautiful radiant SELF you can be and to do what you were born to do. Blessings of grace to you all.

Grace MacLeod
Graceful Living Coaching, Classes and Retreats – facebook







Here is a beautiful article that will have meaning for both leaders and anyone who sincerely wants to follow a path of profound self transformation. The path of devotion in yoga is called Bhakti Yoga.  Most think it is about worshiping a deity.  Here Sadguru explains brilliantly what true devotion is and why it is especially necessary in the call to leadership. To lead it is necessary to be so completely absorbed in what or whom is in front of you that YOU transform and the highest possible action comes through you.  WOW!