“I met Grace at just the right time in my life. I was ready for the next phase of growth that could be obtained with the proper guidance. Grace has that guidance. The work I did with Grace was a turning point in my personal and spiritual growth and development. Thank you Grace!! I will never forget you. ” Love and abundance, Paula Weissinger


Working with Grace is authentic and so safe. I have dealt with the depths of trauma as well as lighting up my professional path. A truly gifted woman.

Annette Dale-Kramek

Grace’s work is profound, moving, and effective.  She is a gifted channel of touching wisdom and a great transmitter of the most important truths.  To be in her presence is to feel the possibility of peace and balance.  I left my session with her calm, centered, open, and very, very grateful.  Go see Grace!

Maria Cook LAc, LMT, EAMP
“I first saw Grace on a post she made to a women’s networking group, and was immediately captivated by her apparent energy- just from her words! Intrigued, I went to her Facebook page and watched her August 10th video on humming. I had been plagued with sinus issues for years, and had sinus surgery (yuck!) last December but it was getting painful again, like a cinder block was living on my forehead. I went back to the ENT and he said I needed surgery again, but I was very reluctant to undergo more messing around in my nose. Something in what she said clicked and I thought “I should try that humming thing!” So I did it for a couple of days, and lo and behold my right sinus, which was the bad one, has completely cleared up! It sounds nuts, I know, but it is really true. We met in person a few days later and hummed as a group, and I learned that 10” is a good duration to hum a song (repeating it as many times as necessary), and then do 5 long hums on a single note, noticing where I feel that particular vibration. Wow- that just solidified the healing! Now I go out in my garden every morning and hum along with the bees, and the rest of the day I feel amazing energy and focus. I am so grateful to Grace and her generous spirit- just being around her brings a sense of lightness and healing.

When she offered to do a breath healing session with me, I was overjoyed and so ready to see what could happen at an even deeper level. I knew that I had something bigger going on with the sinuses, and other connected symptoms of fungal infections, and that I needed to heal from the inside. Grace took me on a very gentle journey inside my body, and her reassuring voice helped me find the confidence to explore areas that were very tender. I was able to heal some ancient wounds, understand more about my relationship with my mother, and regain sensation on the whole right side of my head. It sounds crazy, but I had no idea that this was even possible. I am so grateful that our paths crossed, and I can heartily recommend engaging with Grace and the wisdom that she shares so generously. My life has changed because of her.”

JM   August 27, 2020

Great impact on me! To effectively communicate w/ others; to listen/validate a person’s view/feelings; to know myself and communicate with myself. To honor myself and my feelings!
I met you through a mutual friend and instantly felt…”someone REALLY hears me” That’s all it took!
Oh my! So different from any other counselor. Grace will hear 1 or 2 things that are bothering you and then….bam! let’s get to it. Teaches you to “drop down” to CONNECT to your inner feelings/child and “off we go” to begin the healing journey. (not a lot of chitchat about what’s bugging you….many counselors use your time to hear your every complaint)   – Pam Chilton


J. Oliphant, Board President, Unity of North Kitsap.

I met Grace MacLeod twenty years ago when I was Director of Organization Effectiveness for GTE (now Verizon).  A part of my job responsibility was Leadership Development for our top executives –finding the best external courses for them to attend to enhance their leadership capacity.  The Executive Development Intensive was such a program and Grace was one of the presenters and individual facilitators.  I personally attended the week long program before recommending it to the executives to ensure it delivered as promised.  It did!  The overall theme was “leading from the inside out”.  As a leader, in my own right, I discovered some “core beliefs” that were hindering my own effectiveness.    Subsequently, we offered the course to over 30 key leaders.  Their professional lives were changed as they found the connection between inner self knowledge and leadership.   They returned from the program with renewed self -confidence along with concepts and skills they were able to put into effect with each other and with their direct reports.  They found themselves to be more focused and attentive to all aspects of an issue, relying on an intuitive sense that had been fostered.  They felt more resilient and able to handle “surprises”.  Many of them reported that their personal lives had been enhanced as well, especially in relationship to their spouses and children.

Grace’s and my professional relationship then turned into a friendship which I treasure to this day.  Over the years (from time to time) I have contracted with her to be my personal coach, helping me get in touch with an inner aspect of myself which seemed to be eluding me.    I am in that inquiry with Grace now.  I accepted the presidency of a volunteer organization earlier this year and am finding the stress to be more than I had anticipated.  She is helping me work from “the inside out” to uncover the source of my stress and relax into this new and different kind of leadership position.  With her skillful and quiet facilitation I am able to use both my head and heart as I am becoming the leader I am capable of being.

Grace is an excellent teacher, facilitator, and most of all a personal coach skilled in helping un-cover hidden assumptions and core beliefs.  She helps you find your own inner wisdom and heart space, while providing conceptual frameworks and skills – thus making positive change possible.

Jim Chilton

Founder, CEO & Speaker of SOFA, Society for Financial Awareness, A Non Profit Educational Speaker’s Bureau

“I have worked with Grace MacLeod over a year, both as a couple with my wife, and solo.

For anyone needing coaching, counseling, an “outside perspective” on doing life in a business or personal relationship, I highly recommend Grace to that seeker.

Grace is highly knowledgeable, competent, empathetic, caring, yet a professional who is highly trained and competent in getting the best out of you.

As an “alpha” male, I cannot thank Grace enough for opening me up to become a better husband, business leader, and Christian man.  I am most certain to say, for anyone who has the chance to meet and be with Grace in her teachings, a profound, positive impact will take place upon their soul.”

Judy Roberts,  Bookkeeper, Manager, Province of Ontario Co-operative Housing

Grace has changed my life. She has taught me skills that help me be present with myself and to like myself better. She has a vast repertoire of counselling skills with deep insight and compassion. I have moments of pure joy in my life for no reason as a result of her work. I am able to find spiritual peace. I can not recommend her enough.
Judy Roberts

Grace changed my life. I have had my company for over 15 years since I worked with her. I will never forget the weekend I hired her and the awareness and visioning that has come to fruition! Thank you Grace.
Annette Dale-Kramek, Ancient Language Collection

Pam Chilton, Certified Health Coach at Healthy Journey 2 You

Grace is a “one of a kind” professional women that changed my life and my daughter’s in a profound way! Her knowledgeable counseling goes beyond your expectations, as she brings hope, grace, and power to every session.

Wendy Higgins, Owner at Inner Touch Massage

I have never known a better counselor than Grace. She led me through the darkness of my fears and anger and loss by being there all the way. She is a woman who knows it all and leads us beyond it all. Blessings to her and all she works with. I would not be here now without her special knowledge and strength.

If you want true healing, please take this blessed angel into your consideration. She won’t let you go to your darkness alone, she will help you find your way home within your true home.


Carolyn Roberts, Owner at Allowing The Light

Grace MacLeod has helped me to more fully awaken the True Light that I AM, by empowering me with tangible tools that I can do on my own and most importantly with her love. I am much more aware of the separate, but connected part of what encompasses me that is called my Spiritual Essence/My Higher Self and the actual feeling of this energy. I now can feel this energy (“her/it”) and can tune into “her/it” with more ease.

When you are ready, Grace is a wonderful teacher and counselor to assist you in healing so that you can begin to become more whole and truly experience each moment with more Clarity and Grace..no pun intended 😉

And the award for Best Wedding Officiant goes to; GRACE MACLEOD! 
Grace officiated our wedding on 10/02/2021, and we cannot thank her enough for how special she made our wedding day. From our first meeting with her, we knew she was gifted with a special ability to harness the energy of love and the ability to cultivate the environment and feelings we wanted for our ceremony. Grace was so flexible to work with! She asked the right questions and was so easy to reach out to with changes to our plans or updates to our vision. 
During the ceremony, Grace began by asking our guests to participate in a grounding exercise to ensure all our guests were present in that moment. She then ensured all of our friends and family were committed to their duty to bear witness to our union. This simple ask of our guests immediately changed the tempo of the evening. The feelings of connectedness and love permeated throughout the room for the rest of the evening, and it would have been missing without Grace! 
Grace didn’t have a typed out speech, which we loved! She spoke from her heart and made sure our ceremony was unique to us and matched the energy and feeling in the room that night; and what a perfect night it was! Grace surprised us with a few gifts throughout the ceremony, the biggest one being our hyphenated last name we asked all our guests to vote on before taking their seat for the night. “Let me introduce to you, for the very first time, Mr. and Mr. Brown-McGee!”
After saying our “I Do’s” it was clear Grace was not only there for the legally binding of our marriage, but to also channel the love of all our family and friends together into a beautiful ceremony creating a special moment we will cherish forever.  
Thank you, Grace! We will always hold you close to our hearts! 
-Kyler & Aaron


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