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PLEASE NOTE: If you are here looking for information about my Couples Counseling Services, please follow this link to my Officiant Grace website Counseling page.


I have a deep passion for serving individuals, couples and family members in the beautiful, potent space of private coaching & mentoring. The core of my individual and relationship work is a powerful, body mind, breath and energy harmonizing practice called Touch of Grace.

Here is a lovely article from the Kripalu Center magazine about this core practice that was originally called Breathe, Relax, Feel, Watch, Allow – BRFWA.

In as short a time as one to two hours, sometimes even less, it is possible to dissolve the distress of an ordinary day, smooth out a pocket of disharmony in your relationship and even transmute deeply held traumas and blocks.  As these “waves of life” settle, the natural state of connection, peace, passionate aliveness and clarity of purpose emerges.  It is truly the experience of being touched by grace.

In each moment of our lives, our innate internal wisdom is attempting to help us integrate our experiences so that we can maintain balance, harmony and highly attuned well being.  No matter what life is bringing to us in the form of challenges and opportunities, it is helpful to be able to digest what arises in our internal world,  if we are to resolve emotional, mental and physical stress, and live fully engaged in the the state of thriving and contribution that gives us our greatest fulfillment.

Touch of Grace is a modern day version of an ancient meditation practice of “chitta” (mind) and “prana” ( life force) balance.   As the mind becomes stabilized in the witness consciousness, it becomes a pure, strong observing “container” that dissolves the fight and flight mechanism of the ego mind.  Thus the witness provides a safe, holding space for the life force to move naturally to a place of harmony and integration.  As the individual life force moves back into its natural state, the awareness of connection to source and  all of life emerges.  The greatest healing energy of all is love.  When we are settled and at peace within, the remembrance that we are loved and that we ARE Love comes alive.  This is the highest possibility for each moment and what each of us is called to be.  The action steps, choices and decisions that support this inner harmony become crystal clear and the volition, inspiration and even courage to carry them out also arises, seemingly effortlessly. Sharing with our loved ones, and significant others from this state is the foundation for truly fulfilling communication and connections.  This is the ultimate definition of living full of grace.

I was blessed to receive my training directly from Swami Shri Kripalvananda, an awakened yoga master, who devoted his life to the practice of surrendering to grace.

I have also been mentored and trained in many other healing, personal development, psycho-spiritual, and psychic awareness modalities.  Coaching sessions are custom designed for you.  As we work together we will create a wonderful fusion of experiences that support you thriving  in your health, relationships, career success and life direction and balance.

A Touch of Grace session can be something that supports you during those once in a while times of needing a “tune up”  and is also capable of transmuting the most, deeply held traumas and blocks in the body, mind heart and soul.

Sometimes there is a specific aspect of your life, like your relationship with yourself or an important other, a major life transition or work, health or money challenge that is asking for some more in-depth attention.  Often a confused or uncertain sense of purpose, or an outdated pattern are ready to be dissolved to make way for an attitude or consciousness and life direction “upgrade”.   A series of sessions, regularly scheduled, can provide the consistent support and opportunity to drop into the deeper layers of your being where these kind of “reset” changes occur.  Practices and action steps to integrate the powerful shifts in consciousness into your life are also offered.

Have a listen to this sharing about the magic of first sessions of Graceful Living Coaching

Graceful Living Mentorship

When there is a call from within to come fully into your life purpose and to commit to a conscious lifestyle that pervades your day-to-day world, it is time for a period of mentorship.  “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”  The greatest gift of my life is the transmission of care and wisdom from the many masters that have supported me on my journey toward sovereignty.  It is my honor to pay this gift forward and walk with you when you are looking for the guidance and loving support of a mentor.

Three to Twelve Month Mentoring Memberships are available to a select few people each year.

Together we will begin by establishing a Sacred Space Container and Invoking the Presence of Spirit to work through us and with us to support you in the deep dive immersion in your spiritual evolution and life purpose walk.  We will use the Graceful Living Circle of Life Module to help you identify your heart’s desires, visions and intentions for our journey together.  We will meet twice each month, either in person or by zoom and in an organic way, with your inquiries and at home practice guiding us, will draw upon my legacy of wisdom teachings and practices as well as your own powerful intuition and inner knowing to help you heal, release, resolve and dissolve what no longer serves you, and anchor in the blueprint and presence of your I AM Self as your guide and Soul Companion.  You will polish, refine and empower your ability to live consciously, compassionately and gracefully in all moments in your life by applying the teachings and practices that have been helping us humans walk in this world as the Divine Beings that we truly are since the beginning of time.


Enjoy this blogpost answering the question: “What is GRACEFUL LIVING anyway?”

Please see the Work With Me page for details of scheduling and fee structures for coaching sessions and mentoring.

Sessions are offered in person, by phone and by zoom.


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