“Hi Grace! We don’t want a wedding ceremony but we would like your help getting our marriage license signed. Would you do that for us?”

For one such as me who loves creating magical ceremonies, this was a new request. I said of course and started listening to my muses for how to honor this request for utmost simplicity and also how to make the moment beautiful and a lovely memory.

We gathered at the beach, our lovely couple, Robin and Roger and their small band of friends, aka witnesses. The mists were lifting and the sun sparkles were so bright on the water that we squinted in our happy smiles.

I offered the obligatory question: “Do you come of your own free will, with the intent of entering into legal marriage? If so please say I Do.”

“I Do” said the bride.

“I Do” said the groom

“By the power invested in me by the great state of Washington and the even more grand state of LOVE, I now pronounce you legally married.”

I didn’t even get to say the most fun words, “You may kiss” They were in their embrace before the words could leave my lips.

I brought my beloved eagle feather to the ceremony and asked if I could give them a short blessing. They graciously consented and just as I raised my feather and invoked the wisdom and power of the eagle spirit to bless their marriage, the local resident eagle also lifted from its perch and swirled around our gathering. It pretty much happens each time I offer this blessing. I LOVE my eagle friends and am delighted when they come to add their grace and beauty, strength and inspiration to our gatherings.

We gathered in a circle holding hands, gave thanks for all the bounty of our magnificent Salish Sea, Grandfather Mountains, Nurturing Mother Earth and especially the ultimate Gift of Love that had brought us together.

The bride was presented with a flower, just because brides are even more beautiful with flowers. More hugs and kisses, lots of photos and of course the Signing of the License.

Congratulations Robin and Roger. Your long term love affair is now legal and may your union continue happily ever after. Blessings to you, Grace.

Lovely Words From The Happy Couple.

We loved our wedding ceremony by Grace! It was even better than what we’d imagined. We had talked with her ahead of time about what we wanted and she did exactly what we asked for. She performed the ceremony on her private beach, which was beautiful. Her words and manner were warm, gracious and from the heart. Amazingly, just as she was invoking the spirit of an eagle, an eagle soared overhead. Magic! – Robin and Roger


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