This one is especially for couples!!! ( parents might want to listen too)

In my humble opinion, there is no more important teaching about how to be happy in your relationship. I have dedicated my life and my life’s work to spreading this message as far and wide as I possibly can.

In a nutshell, COMMIT TO AND PRIORITIZE being in alignment with your own Source aka your relationship with your TRUE SELF. In this alignment, all needs and longings are met!!!! When you bring this YOU into your relationship, your partner will absolutely respond differently than when you come needing them to do this job.

AND if both of you will devote your primary focus to a steady communion with your Source, then your coming together is a profound practice of being able to share your authentic self, communicating honestly from an empowered place, supporting each other in the evolution of your Soul Path and joyously sharing life together.

Please listen to the ever wise Abraham in this video!!!

And please be in touch if you would like to explore a series of Couples Counseling sessions.

* Each of you will have individual sessions to grow your alignment with your Source and learn conscious communication skills.

*Both of you will come together to:

* practice supporting each other’s inner alignment,

* practice extraordinary conscious dialogue skills,

* practice giving each other gifts of support that will help you to continue to grow and make your hearts sing.

Contact Me and Let’s Get Started With The Magic Making For Your Relationship.

808 212 8694


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