A Week of Launches!! June 4-10

What a wonderful week of creative joy this has been.


The week actually began with the completion ceremony for “Teachers Yoga” at my local Waldorf school.  An inspired group of teachers and staff completed thirteen weeks of postures, pranayama, meditation and yoga nidra.  We celebrated our time together with a beautiful ceremony of puja, the offering of the elements, to each other, to all the kids and staff of the school and even our beloved planet earth.  Thank you to these dedicated educators for their commitment to self care and modeling mindfulness for their students, colleagues and school community.  Let’s do it again in the fall and grow our group. 🙂



Soul Spaces and Lifestyle Graces is launched!  My wonderful friend and colleague, Amy Curran and I held our first Introductory Class in Amy’s very own Soul Space.  We shared our vision and passion for supporting people in creating a space in their home where they can nurture their soul and did some fun energy balancing practices as an example of the simple ways we can take care of our selves even with super, busy lives.  We also created small, exquisite “altars”  selecting the colors, objects from nature and art prints that express our unique creative self.  Such a simple, meditative experience that provoked profound, heart felt sharings around our circle.  The evening ended with the writing of intentions for how we want to re create our homes as sanctuaries and our daily lives to include activities and routines that make our souls sing.  We will continue to offer these intro classes each month so stay tuned for upcoming dates.



The grand finale!  Team Sail Like A Girl Boat Blessing Ceremony. http://www.saillikeagirl.us

As with each of these creative projects, this ceremony occurred in response to a long held prayer for me.  I LOVE LOVELOVE being an officiant for all sorts of ceremonies including space blessings.  A year and a half ago, I followed my guidance to be an Uber driver as a way to connect more with my local community and create opportunities to serve. Each time I would go out to drive I would say a prayer: “May those who are seeking me find me and may I find those I am to serve.”   Sure enough, one of the members of this amazing sailing team was a passenger and that led to them requesting that I guide them in their Boat and Journey blessing ceremony.   These eight women are competing in the r2ak race to Alaska, a 750 mile daunting voyage with no motor, up the coast of British Columbia to Ketickan.  About fifty of their family and friends gathered with us on their boat and together we prayed, sang, cried, laughed, cleansed and blessed the women, their vessel and their voyage.

I was profoundly moved by this experience and was not sure exactly why.  Later it occurred to me that just as I am daring to allow my calling to be a vessel for God’s Grace in the world to guide me into uncharted waters and requires all my trust and confidence in the unseen touch of spirit, these courageous women are launching out to sea with only their own compelling calling and fierce trust in themselves, each other and the very same guiding light.  God speed and safe passage, dear Soul Sisters. Thank you Team Sail Like A Girl for the honor of serving you!

check out the pics on my facebook pages  Grace MacLeod and Graceful Living Coaching Classes and Retreats.  and on Team Sail Like a Girl page on fb.



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