Eagle Feathers and Hand Fasting

The Pacific Northwest and Northern Ireland Get Married

What an honor and delight to help Conor and Stacy get married! A truly international couple bringing together the traditions of the Northwest and Northern Ireland. While we were only a tiny gathering of their loved ones, the day was planned especially to be able to include Conor’s Mom and Dad, who stayed up past their bedtime so they could be zoomed in all the way from the Emerald Isle for the ceremony.

A beautiful Northwest park was our sanctuary. Majestic evergreen trees towering along the edge of the bluff, brilliant rhododendrons drooping with vibrant colors, lush green lawns and humungous ships floating by on the Salish Sea.

Our ceremony began with the blessing of the eagle feather. Our beloved eagle, such a magnificent ambassador of the Pacific North West. “May you always rise up, way up above the mists and the clouds and remember the love that brought you together today. May you soar with the confidence and courage of the eagle as you begin your adventure of marriage today.

Following the feather blessing, we entered in to the ancient ritual of Hand Fasting. The original act of “tying the knot” used in traditions around the world and especially fitting as a reminder and honoring of the groom’s Celtic heritage chosen by his bride for their special day. Beautiful ribbons braided together to create a strong and enduring bond, weaving together white for the purity of love, gold for abundance and prosperity and lovely, sage green for the everlasting renewal of love.

Stacy and Conor joined hands, took a quiet moment to feel the mystery of their heart beats being joined in this infinite loop, sending their love to each other through this circle created between hands and hearts. Then we added the cord to “fast their hands” and their hearts together in the Infinity Knot. Such simple sweet motions that make visible the depths that reside in the secret chambers of their souls.

On to the vows we went: “I Conor take you Stacy”, and “I Stacy take you Conor”, with hands still bound together, these brave and beautiful promises made and witnessed by loved ones.

And finally the blessing and exchange of rings inviting our guests to raise their palms and pour forth their prayers and well wishes into the tiny bands of gold so that as our bride and groom gave the gift of their ring as a sign of their enduring devotion, that these tiny circles were also filled with the support of their entire tribe.

One final reading, a reminder to our couple that the commitment that they had made today was now being blessed and sanctified by Providence. The power of the act of committing, firing up the mysterious forces to bring forth all manner of coincidences, connections, circumstances and support that would otherwise not have been activated. Providing favor and opportunity, prosperity and support for this brand new being, their marriage.

And so Conor and Stacy, I now pronounce you “Husband and Wife” How silly to say “You may now kiss your bride” as there was nothing stopping them from sealing the deal with not just one kiss but a whole bunch. Commence clapping, hugging and great good cheers from our tiny international council.

Blessings On Your Adventure Conor and Stacy. I will see you at the Pub.

Much Love,



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