There was a quiet glow on the beach that day even with clouds building and wind whipping up the waves. Joe and Kristi were getting married and the happiness in the small family gathering was palpable as I arrived to officiate their wedding ceremony.

You know you are doing your dream job when you walk down your very own street and get to marry your neighbor’s grown children, on the beach, with the family dog dispensing love blessings to one and all, kids blowing bubbles in the wind and sparkles from the bride’s dress leaving a trail of glitter in the sand, and on hugging hands and cheeks.

It is a special kind of privilege to be the only extra person in attendance outside the family Covid bubble, and even though I am considered an essential worker in the wedding world, I felt more like I was the recipient of the love and joy lottery as we gathered together on the deck.

We settled ourselves in at the beginning of our ceremony with a few moments of silence and calming breath. We gave thanks to the Lords of Love for bringing Kristi and Joe together, (with a little help from We reflected on the magic and mystery of making two lights, two lives into one through vows and ring exchanges and “Dearly Beloveds” gathered to bear witness to this joining of hearts and souls.

Both Kristi and Joe have been to the alter before and there is something profoundly moving for me to experience the calm courage and tender, tearful promises being proclaimed again. Life is not perfect and neither is the art of marriage. Daring to open to love and continue to grow in its embrace is one of the most beautiful choices we can make in our human world. Feeling the depth of sincerity and whole heartedness that Joe and Kristi were offering each other in their vows felt like a powerful gift not only to them, but to our world.

After all the deep and meaningful, it was time for some lightheartedness and so the Magic Love-o-Meter was brought forth to test the bonds that had just newly been created. First the bride and groom lit up the buzzing, beeping glow stick with just the love flowing through hearts and hands and then all the kids were invited to step forward.

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes the whole family to make a marriage the safe, secure space it is intended to be for everyone’s happiness and well being to flourish. Joe and Kristi opened their hands and invited their children to join them in the circle of love that they had just created. My eyes welled with tears, as I watched each of them, little kids, bigger kids, and even adult kids, step forward, eagerly, willingly and happily joining hands and watching with delight as their love passed through many hands and hearts and got the goofy glow stick lit up once again.

The only thing left to do was to invite grandparents, and siblings and friends to add another ring to the glowing, gathering of beach bliss and declare everyone MARRIED!

May all the benevolent forces of good continue to bless your marriage and your expanded family Kristi and Joe. I think I may have adopted myself into your clan and look forward to continued connections and beach visits to come.

Love Grace

( and thank you for the lovely review)

“Working with Grace was a true pleasure!  She took the time to get to know both of us including our past and what brought us to this point in our lives to take another chance at marriage.  She spent a lot of time with us to make sure we had the ceremony we envisioned including helping us incorporate our personal vows with traditional vows as well as including our blended family in the ceremony. We both really connected with Grace through our common connection of the practice of yoga which allowed us to truly be present throughout the ceremony.  Grace came to us highly recommended from the community and she went above and beyond our expectations!  Thank you, Grace, for making our day an experience we will carry with us for as long as we both shall live:)” – Kristi & Joe


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