In my humble opinion, Dr. Zach Bush is one of the most important voices in our world right now. In this ( long ) and powerful interview he offers a grand scale perspective on what is happening on our planet and with humanity.

It is beautiful, hopeful, inspiring and an incredible invitation to shift from fear and guilt and the culture of dominance that has ruled our planet for the last ten thousand years to the remembrance of our infinite sovereign state of being.

*He speaks of the return of the feminine as a wing unfolding that allows the human being to fly straight for the first time in a very very long time.

*He teaches that the human biome is actually the foundation for all health, not the human cell as science has thought for so long.

*He speaks of viruses as a gift of nature that come in the response to the desecration of our natural world that has occurred over the last seven to eight hundred years to teach our immune system how to adapt.

*He speaks of water as the molecule that transmits the remembrance of our universal consciousness.

*AND he suggests that perhaps Earth is the Heart Chakra of the cosmos and that our purpose here in this world of temporary existence is purely to experience BEAUTY!!!!

Zack is a scientist, a doctor and one of the most compassionate, wise spiritual guides in our world.

If you are dealing with fear in relationship to an illness, the pandemic or any other state of strife in your life, I pray you will listen to this man. He is a benevolent messenger for all of us.

Love Grace


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