Jera is the rune of harvest. Runes are a divination oracle system, that in its most ancient beginnings, dates back to approximately 1300 BC. The word rune translates loosely as “mystery” so like other divination systems, runes help us mere mortals to tap into the cosmic consciousness in our universe and deep inside our souls so that we can make choices and navigate life with the assistance of this information about the energies at hand in each moment of our existence.

Yesterday I drew the Harvest rune and this is the inspirational story of why that has such deep and touching meaning for me.

A year ago it was time for me to leave the life I had lived for seven years. It was a tumultuous time and I was struggling to accept that I was being ousted from my sanctuary. I reached out for help from a wise facilitator who seemed to have the ability to commune with benevolent guides from many dimensions. I was gifted with a conference with a group of Rock Devas. They very astutely confirmed that my life path had been one of dissolution and thus if I was to stay here on earth and learn to harvest, I would need some help. They offered to help me create an infrastructure of security in my being and my body. My part in this process of new construction was being asked and invited to do a very simple, very private ceremony of blessing a circle of rocks and to take this ceremony with me into the new chapter of my life. They were so respectful and clear about how they could help me if I would be willing to do this ceremony in return. I was scared to leave the known, yet the love, compassion and assistance offered by these beings gave me the confidence to proceed. I continued to clear the challenges of the dissolution that was hand in my life and put all my trust in the powerful renewal that was occurring on very fundamental levels of my being. Eventually after an amazing meeting with a gorgeous owl in the woods and a magical communion with an actual rock being that has rested in the forest for a million years, I was ready to being my search for my new home. I heard the message. “You have completed your clearing, you are free to go. Your sanctuary is waiting for you”

I was guided by a series of synchronicities to a magnificent property EXACTLY where, several weeks earlier I declared that I wanted to live. As I had explored my new home area, I came upon a glorious, wooded neighborhood that seemed so similar to the one I was leaving and simply said ” well God, if I can live anywhere, I want to live here!” I had pulled over to the side of the road I was on and immediately thought: “Grace, I don’t think the people that live here rent spaces to wandering nomads like you.”

About eight weeks later I was moving in to a rented space at the very driveway I had stopped at and made my wish. I have had many “x” marks to spot experiences during home searches and they have all been deep touching. Having God/Spirit as your real estate agent is wonderful indeed! Yet this one was so precise and so not of my conscious doing that I wept with humility and awe. The touch of grace had been given again and I its grateful recipient.

And so I have been here for the past year. I have done my rock ceremony almost every day and while there has been plenty of the anxiety and uncertainty that comes with a new life chapter, there has also been a level of benevolence, beauty, peace and connection that is almost more than I can digest.

The ceremony I was asked to do was to ask for blessings for my circle of rocks and the land that they and I were on and through this land to have these blessings radiate out to all land and to all earth beings, all earth elements, all earth directions.

I weathered the very grey, wet winter, enjoyed a fun week of snow so deep that it required walking anywhere I needed to go. I began networking and meeting lovely new people and building new pathways for the work I love to do, more ceremonies, mostly weddings.

On this property there are magnificent rhododendron bushes that cascade down the sloping landscape to the bluff that looks out over the Salish Sea and the Olympic Mountains. I vowed that I would stay here to see the glory of their spring blossoming and it was a show well worth waiting for. I also slowly cultivated a relationship with the master gardener who tends to the massive garden on the property.

After the fallow months of winter and the very cool and slow arrival of spring and finally summer it is harvest time. I am blown away but the bounty that is being offered up by the garden, the fruit trees and the flowers as we march toward fall.

When I agreed to do my rock ceremony, I was instructed to not ask for anything specific for myself. Simply to ask that the rocks and all of life be blessed as I am nothing more than all that is and nothing less.

I have always had a profound connection to nature and have been here on earth with a strong mission to serve our planet as well as her people and other beings.

This year I have grown in such profound appreciation for what it is to feel so connected to the land, the air, the water and even the fire of the sun that there is no need to ask for anything for the self. My ability to feel the magic of connection in the sacred hoop of all of life has deepened and expanded a thousand fold. I have had such a huge appreciation for the ancestral people of our world and this area for the thousands of years of practicing ceremony just like the one I have done and who had this relationship of harmony, respect and reciprocity with the natural world for so long.

After arriving at this property, I learned that in fact it is on a point of land that was the ceremonial grounds for the original people of this area. I seem to have been brought here to join in that long history and to add my prayers and requests for blessings in this day and time.

As I wander the property each day, doing my ceremony on the land and greeting the garden in the soft morning light, I find myself crying in wonder and amazement. It feels like I am living in a garden of eden. So much food and beauty pouring out of the land as if to say, “Thank you Grace, here is the return blessing to you for your blessings this year.”

I am grateful beyond measure and even thought it is time to move on to another new chapter, I will never forget this experience. As I focus on the life that I want to live that gives me the most joy, the most sense of security and fulfillment, this year of living in community and connection to the land, the sea, the sun, the rain and gentle ,kind people who are in service to this place, I simply say, ” Like This, God, Like This.”

Profound blessings of gratitude to my wise counselor, The Rock Devas and Ancestral Tribes who have been also attending my ceremonies, and all the other helpers who have arrived in my inner world to continue to assist me with my mission of joyful, bountiful fulfilling life on earth.


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