YES! YES! and more YES!!!! What to do when the world is at war?

Like so many of us when such traumatic events erupt in our world, I sometimes feel helpless and despairing. Yet it is also amazing to see all of the creative ways that humanity rises up to offer care, hands and boots on the ground help and amazing contribution to those who suffer. I have been so moved to see the global response to this latest eruption of war. Have you seen the brilliant action of thousands of ordinary people making Air BnB reservations in Ukraine to support the hosts there with the financial contribution without actually going to stay? The notes being passed back and forth are so touching and hope inducing.

I choose not to focus on who is right and who is wrong, but find myself just so aware that the long suffering dynamic of dominator and dominated is once again flexing its muscles and causing such chaos in our world.

So what is my part to play? And what about you dear friend and reader? Especially those of us who are here to be be the peace keepers. What are we to do? Here is my story and a couple of offerings that might support you at this distressing time.

Several months ago I received a very strong directive to leave my small, safe and cozy island life and to “EXPAND” out into the world. I heard such things as “your ministry is waiting for you, it is over there, much more in the world than you have been.” and “Go, your sanctuary is waiting for you” “The world needs what you have, go and share it more widely”

And sure enough the ousting out of the nest occurred, not gently as it sometimes does, but harshly, with tremendous pain and upset, yet also the invitation to heal even more deeply, old patterns and memories of being driven from the temple. Since the beginning of the patriarchal era, the ONES who have been the stewards and sacred guardians of the light, harmony and peace in our world, have been being driven away, from their lands, their homes, their countries and their temples. This war between the dominator and the dominated seems as old as time. I was so shocked and surprised that it arose in my precious, beautiful life when I was so sure it had been erased from my consciousness. Fortunately, I was given the time, inner guidance and fortitude to face this re activation and am glad to be able to say that the required healing took place, both within me and with the players who engaged in their parts in the upset. Little did I know that this very dynamic was preparing to play itself out upon the global stage in just a few months and that my recent journey through the painful wasteland of aggression had provided exact attunement with what was on the horizon.

With my inner clearing complete, sure enough, a magnificent, glorious new sanctuary was provided, filled with sunlight, beautiful vistas, and lovely peaceful surroundings. And also sure enough the new connections began almost effortlessly. This is so often the confirmation for me that the inner evolution has occurred. That which is restored and upgraded on the inside, shows up in my physical world.

AND THEN….things stopped. As the new year came forth, I looked forward to all the excitement and engagement of this new chapter. After a short flurry of activity, suddenly all that had begun seemed to dwindle until the pages of my calendar were empty and my new exciting connections went silent. Even ones that seemed to have shown up, began dissolving. Needless to say, this seemed mysterious and more than a little anxiety producing.

Had I miscalculated? Had I done something “wrong” to stop the flow of creative engagement? It takes so much trust to face these unexpected turns of events and yet with nothing but time on my hands, I did what I know to do. Go within, practice what I preach, and focus on aligning myself with TRUTH. And that truth is that I am here to be a vessel for God’s Grace, I am always and in all ways, cared for, provided for and held in a benevolent universe of love so that I can be a steward, benefactor and servant of sharing God’s love, the infinite flow of goodness and grace, with the world. My real job is to BE PEACE, to BE LOVE and to see only love holding the entire world in its embrace while we play out our game of contrast, forgetting and remembering here in our world. When I am called up for front line duty the other demands on me are removed so I can give my full energy and attention to this call to arms…arms of love and peace for the world.

And so with my day job suspended, I spent days upon days in nature, and in mediation, focusing on these inner truths until I could feel my vibration elevating, my heart filling with peace, love and gratitude and then simply sharing this with our world. I still found myself wondering what was going on and why I was not being called into action after all the compelling forces that moved my life and my entire foundation.


It did not occur to me until just today that Spirit had freed me up from my more mundane responsibilities and assignments of counseling people, running my business and helping people get married so that I would be free to do my true job. I am here on this planet to be a witness and a quantum alignment generator. I see the world as it is in all its struggle, despair and pain and state shift my own distress into peace, love compassion and then simply offer that blessing to the world. It seems like such an invisible effort, no one would ever know what I am doing and even I missed the significance of having my decks cleared this past couple of months.

I continue to do my meditations and my walks in nature deliberately choosing to BE PEACE, to send compassion and love to all of those suffering from this conflict and to hold both the dominator and the dominated in my heart with the prayer and affirmation that we are all finding our way beyond this dynamic as the pattern in our human consciousness. We all have these tendencies and we are all here to find our way to mutual respect, honoring and remembrance of the unity of all of life.

I began yet another week today, feeling mildly anxious and unfocused. I have meditated and done my prayer offerings to the world and it is only 9 am. Now what?

Go to YOUTUBE of course. When I am looking for inspiration and clarity I simply ask, “please show me, please show me now what I am to do, what I am to focus on.” I sometimes simply ask, “what is this moment for? what is next for me? show me my place in the order of things?”

And sure enough…instant reply. Please listen to this utterly beautiful sharing in the video link above and may we all be inspired to remember and focus on the glorious expansion that we are ever more moving into, even when it looks like our world is about to collapse into utter destruction. As I listened, I wept soft tears of gratitude for this exquisite affirmation that I am most certainly doing my job and so are so many many of us.

Having received this precious validation, I can feel my whole being relax into the pressure in my heart. I am used to this process of feeling waves of love asking to be poured through my heart for the world but sometimes it feels like whole Arch Angels are trying to squeeze through. It takes a complete softening and surrender, usually simply lying on my sweet bed, with soft as silk star bears held in my arms, and patiently allowing the vast downloads of love to pour through my being. I can always tell when the task is done as the energy settles fully into my own nervous system and physical body and I fall into a deep aligned sleep for a while to complete the integration. “Love Shift completed, Boss!” ( aka God and the Angels) Now it’s time for a lunch break and a walk with the daffodils and cherry blossoms.

This is the second time in just a few days that I have received such an immediate response to prayer.

Last week right after listening to a news report about the dire outcome predicted for Ukraine by the war pundits, I walked along the beach and focused on the stunning turquoise sparkles on the water. I spoke out loud, “there has to be an impossible possibility of a hopeful outcome for this war. Show me that now!” I looked down at the sand and this is what I found. A fish bone in the shape of a dove, a heart shaped piece of sea glass and a gleaming opalescent pearl shell. I brought them home and added them to this other little gem of magic, a small “ET” moss creature growing right through the wooden arm of my deck chair.

So Beloveds. What is your job? What is it that you can focus on? What is it that you can do to align your body, mind, heart and soul with beauty, peace and the flow of love that radiates through our world, even NOW?

I thank each and every one of you for your gesture, your gift, perhaps a poem, or a hug or flower or a cup of tea offered in kindness and compassion. It all matters, it all counts and I count you as one of the great team of Light Bearers for our World.

God Bless each and every Earth Being as we awaken and remember LOVE.

love Grace


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