November 3, 2020 An Invitation to Shift into Unity!!!

MY FELLOW AMERICANS…. (I have to admit that as a deeply loyal and passionate Canadian who has been blessed with dual citizenship, that is still a weird statement to make) Are you ready to be present and breathe your way through what ever happens on November 3rd? First of all, I am here if youContinue reading “November 3, 2020 An Invitation to Shift into Unity!!!”


Introduction to The Connected Breath. My Humming for Health and Happiness Campaign is expanding!!!!! Thank you to everyone who has joined me for humming. I hope will continue to hum and are delighting in increased happiness and are buzzing with great, good health. The breath is truly what I call “the gold in my pocket”Continue reading “BREATHING FOR HEALTH & HAPPINESS”

Graceful Living? What is it?

When people ask me what my work is, I say it is called Graceful Living. This often results in a blank stare or even a confused “Huh?” So I thought it might help if I answered this oft asked question. Grace is commonly thought of as the sudden, unexpected, sometimes even undeserved, healing or miracle.Continue reading “Graceful Living? What is it?”

The Wonder of Saying “I Do” Times Two

There is a special place in my heart for couples who are willing to open their hearts to love and marriage a second or even third time. Most of us have grown up with the myth of finding our one and only soul mate and getting married “till death do us part.” What is trueContinue reading “The Wonder of Saying “I Do” Times Two”

Such Powerful, Beautiful, Wisdom Guiding Us All Through This Portal To a New World!!!

Thank you White Eagle. May each and every one of us open to receive this wisdom and make the choice, not to fall in the hole, but to find our vision for a beautiful new world. By so doing we will be the creators of what is to come. It truly is up to us.Continue reading “Such Powerful, Beautiful, Wisdom Guiding Us All Through This Portal To a New World!!!”


Night Shift Work – Early AM edition   9/13/2020 I often do some of my best transformational work while the skies are dark and the world is sleeping.   As I am preparing to fall asleep, I reflect on the state of our world and review things that have inspired me, give thanks for all that isContinue reading “DEAR ALCHEMISTS OF THE AWAKENED WORLD, BRINGERS OF THE DAWN! THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!”


Little did I know when I launched my “Humming for Health and Happiness” campaign a month ago, that I would be blessed to contribute to a profound healing experience for someone. My original inspiration was to offer a simple, fun, easy to practice offering that might lift our collective spirits, help us build our immunityContinue reading “HUMMING FOR HEALTH & HAPPINESS”