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“I just want to feel more connected, to something greater than myself, to a sense of being safe and loved and that everything is going to be ok.”

“I just can’t seem to catch my breath.  Life is moving so fast that I can’t seem to find time for myself and when I do, I want to let go and unwind, but don’t seem to know how.”

“I am dedicated to my meditation practice but I am stalled out, stuck, not going anywhere.”

“I am in need of a shift in my life.  I would even say a miracle.  How do I make that possible?”

If you resonate with any of these messages, or are simply looking for a wonderful way to infuse your day and your week with a short “time out” and help “tuning in”, here is the support you have been looking for.

From the comfort of your own home or office, you are invited to attend meditation class and receive private instruction suited exactly to your needs.   Private, semi private and group classes are available.  In person classes are also available on Maui, so if you are in the neighborhood or wish to come for a special meditation retreat please contact me.

As we connect from across the street and across the globe, we will create a field of resonance that not only will bless us with a period of serenity in our day but will radiate out to fill our spaces and touch the lives of those around us.   “Where two or more are gathered God’s Grace is there.”

The power of the group field, especially in meditation is very impactful.  If you have attempted meditating on your own with out success, you may find that a regular group practice is what you have been waiting for.  All levels of skill are welcome.

We will attune our hearts and minds to the experience of the NOW and through our combined presence and intention, will make ourselves available for the peace, ease and harmony that is always waiting for us in the center of our being.  It is already a blessing when ever we can allow ourselves this repose in the space and stillness within, and once there we also make ourselves available for the inexplicable, humbling, awe inspiring, dispensation of grace.  What ever it may be in your life that you wish might be granted this touch of grace, the practice of meditation is the most assured way to allow for its possibility.

Our natural state is one of equanimity and our True Self is always resting there waiting for our return  from the busy comings and goings of our ego driven lives.  As we come home to our center through simple, yet powerful practices of focused observation, gentle conscious breathing, and dropping “down and in” we will experience all the multiple benefits and positive effects that are the gifts of regular  meditation practice.

* reduced heart rate                                           * greater access to intuition and insight

* balanced nervous system                                *  increased vitality

* better digestion and sleep                                * emotional integration

* clarity in thinking and decision making          * deeper connection with our source and loved

and loved ones.

Each Class will include:

*  a short teaching/inspiration segment on a specific aspect of meditation practice.

*   sharing and questions/ requests for this week’s practice.

*  guided meditation

*  silent meditation.

Each session will be recorded for you to use in your own continued practice during the week.

Private and Semi Private Classes are $40. an hour

Group Classes ( minimum of five people) are $25. per person.

Consider getting a group of friends together or come on your own. Please call for scheduling and registration.

There is no more powerful way to enhance the quality and even effectiveness of your personal, relationship and professional life than to engage in a daily practice of heart felt, soul filled, mindfulness.

Payment is to be made through paypal prior to each week’s class or by mailed check if you wish to pre pay for a series of classes. We will work by phone, skype or video conferencing.

Please contact me for further information concerning classes scheduling and registration.

I look forward to meditating with you and sharing in all the powerful benefits that regular practice brings to life as well as the unexpected bestowal of grace that is inevitably granted as we dedicate ourselves to becoming quiet, open and receptive.


Grace     808 212 8694




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