In the next four weeks we will be experiencing a Lunar Eclipse, a Solar Eclipse, the Winter Solstice AND a planetary alignment between Jupiter and Saturn that is being called “the great conjunction,” not seen since medieval times.

Indigenous Elders, astrologers, wisdom keepers and all of us here on Planet Earth who are walking the path of consciousness, are eager and excited about this window of awakening, perhaps even more than the children barely able to await the arrival of SANTA CLAUS, who happens to arrive on his sleigh right after all these amazing alignments.

The lunar eclipse on November 30th gives us a great big nudge from Mrs. Moon to let go of what does not serve us. Be prepared for sudden and complete endings. Bless what is leaving and recognize the wonderful opening that it creates for what comes next.

The solar eclipse on December 14 is another surge from Mr. Sun to bring forth new beginnings. Focus on what you are ready for and welcome it in with vast gratitude in your heart.

AND THEN!!!! On December 21, as we celebrate the winter solstice, Saturn, the wizard of destruction, arrives with wand in hand, breaking down all the infrastructures in our world that have kept the dynamic of “power over/power under” in place for thousands of years. And at the very same time, Jupiter, the great benefactor, comes riding in on his elephant, dispensing blessings beyond our wildest imaginings. If you can dare to allow it, WHOLE NEW WORLDS.

All those dreams and even memories that so many of us hold in our souls, of world peace, heaven on earth, harmony, love and well being for all, are not just fantasies. They are blueprints that we came here with and have held deep in our DNA for just these times.

The current turmoil in the world is the rumbling and shaking and quaking that signal massive dissolution and re creation. And so we have been put on notice that it is time to deeply focus and place out attention and intention on the world we know is possible and spend our time creating the feeling of it as ALREADY HAPPENED.

We know now through quantum physics that this is the magic potion that brings forth new manifestation. Dream it, imagine it in as much detail as possible, and then create the experience inside yourself of what it feels like when it has already happened.

This is our “home work” in these next four weeks. For me, it has been my assignment for what I call a thousand lifetimes. Many of us know that we have lived here in the civilizations of light many, long ages ago. Many more have come from other places in the multiverse to help recreate the beauty and advanced consciousness of “home,” here on this planet.

And so I ask you, if there is any part of your being that still is at the affect of trauma or wounding, beliefs that were created out of forgetting and less than ideal life circumstances, that you spend this time neutralizing these painful memories, ( lunar eclipse) and in their place allow the return of the most exquisite joy of reclaiming and remembering who you really are and just how beautiful life can be. ( solar eclipse)

You are being helped and supported by Moon Mother, Father Sun, Wizard Saturn, King Jupiter and a whole host of other planetary and star beings and millions of earthlings who are gathering in the fields of infinite possibility to be the midwives of this birthing for humanity.

I recently received a most extraordinary message in meditation that has led to one of these very quantum leaps. About twenty five years ago, I received another message in response to a request to know my “real” name. I had been feeling ready to release a name given to me by a spiritual teacher and somehow it did not seem right to return to my birth name. I had asked for almost ten years and then one day, poof!!!

“You are God’s Grace and by Grace your life unfolds. Now go and live it! Your name is Grace!” WOW! WOW! WOW! Even prior to this moment, I had been being prompted that my “life’s work” was to be a BEING of light and love, to simply fill up with these beneficent energies and go where ever life called me to share with others.

I was receiving the refinement that it is God’s grace that I am to be a vessel for and again to trust that the “night shift” work I do every night IS my job, my life’s work. Under the stars and under my down “puff,” I am to allow this blessing to fill my heart and then get up and go to the grocery store or walk in nature or work with clients, or help a neighbor, or even be an Uber driver, yet always been told that it really doesn’t matter so much what the dayshift “work” is. The intuitive prompts and even the unexpected synchronicities, that somehow put me in the right place at the right time, are the inner GPS that gets activated at night and guides me through the day. The point is to be the vessel and trust that the grace is being dispensed where it was needed.

AND HERE IS THE HARDER PART, to trust that I will be taken care of as well, all my worldly needs fulfilled by my “boss” GOD.

It has been a walk of fire and deep surrender to allow my needs to be met through grace and as hard has I have tried to trust this, I have continued to find myself anxious, worried and fussing when I cannot see where the money and other needed resources are coming from. This is humbling to admit, as I have had decades of evidence that EVERYTHING shows up as it is needed, not necessarily with much cushion between need and need being met, but so much evidence it is embarrassing to admit that the worry and anxiety in my heart have not been fully vanquished.

And so I knew that if ever there were a time to see if I could shift this pattern it is NOW. I had discovered a long while back through the help of deeply intuitive helpers, that there was something in my past, perhaps around the age of eight that showed up as almost a nervous breakdown. I have never found the memory associated with this complex that is seen by the seers. And so I asked in meditation, “what happened when I was eight that occurred as a nervous breakdown?” It must be time for clarity because instantly the answer came. “It was not at eight years old it was at the moment of your birth. You agreed to come this time with a vast, cavernous heart as you intended to be a vessel for God’s grace, but you arrived without the memory of your connection with God and so the moment of birth, when you felt the vast emptiness of you heart shocked and traumatized you so deeply that you still have not fully recovered.”

Even after almost forty years of having done gobs and gobs of healing birth trauma work, and coming to understand that the ’emptiness’ ache and longing have been the perfect catalyst to rebuild my connection with my beloved God, there is still always this experience of filling up, only to discover myself back in the impossible ache and anxiety of feeling empty again. It has sometimes felt that my fate was to be the Sisyphus of the Heart, doomed to fill my vast well, only to have it drain and leave me aching and lonely with a longing that none but God could fill.

And so this message about the shock of my birth became an invitation. Let that story go! What is possible now if I truly am both human and the creative god source of my life as I proclaim, is it not in my power to re write the story of my birth, AGAIN?

In a swoosh, I felt myself in my mother’s womb and I now know that my purpose is to be a vessel for God’s grace in the world. I am connected and filled and arrive as a God embodied baby. EXTRAORDINARY!!!!! I feel my birth as completely peaceful and feel and see myself as a newborn, completely relaxed, filled with God’s love and grace and there is utterly no trauma, no shock. I look out from my tiny eyes as a God connected soul and I am at peace and utterly secure. I have come with what I need and this vast heart of mine begins to beat with the love that I need and that the world needs also. All my needs are met AT BIRTH!!

This is the kind of quantum leap that is possible now My Loveys! Neutralizing birth trauma, even family lineage trauma, past incarnation trauma and anything and everything before and since is possible now. We truly can write the script that brings forth our most beautiful and beneficent life, for ourselves and for our earth family. I believe it is our most sacred duty and opportunity to do so. What ever is your dream for yourself and for our world, now is the time to not only dream it, but to bring it forth in shining glory!

If you would like any assistance in your quantum leaping, please let me know. It is the greatest fulfillment of my life to get to offer a hand to invite you to come along with me, leaping into freedom and exquisite joy. Please call and have a twenty minute complimentary exploratory conversation or book series of Touch of Grace sessions or virtual three day retreat for a deep dive now. The heavens are here, ready and eager to support us all.

Check out my counseling page for more information on working with me.

blessings upon blessings to you. May you have everything your heart desires.

Love Grace


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