I so deeply resonate with the story behind this beautiful film and gathering of Wisdom Keepers that came together a few years ago on the island of Kauai. The story is that long ago when the world was going out of balance the ancient wisdom keepers of each culture agreed to forget one piece of the wisdom that they carried. To keep it in hiding while the world was tumbling through its time of horrible imbalance. They knew that the time would come when the balance would be ready to be restored. That time would be when humans were ready to listen to their hearts. And at that time the elders would come together to share the pieces of wisdom that they did remember and in so doing re awaken all the hidden pieces for all of us.

Please watch this lovely inspiring film of their gathering in 2017. From fourteen traditions the elders came and every single one of them said that the way to restore balance for Mother Earth was for humanity to be in the NOW and to listen to their hearts. Prophecy fulfilled.

So Dear Humans, As many of us feel called now to be Earth Stewards and to do our part to usher in a healed and awakened planet and global family, here is your task. Find time every day to be in the present and then do what ever you know to do to slow down, open your heart and LISTEN. The ancient wisdom is ready to be revealed again and the piece that is yours will be given to your heart. You will know what to do and the natural passion and inspiration will be there to do it.

Blessings Dear Humans, We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For and we truly have all the wisdom we need to weave a new and glorious world.


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