Quantum Alignment Sessions

This goes out to my fellow Light Workers, Healers, Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Followers of Purpose and Passion for Serving the Upliftment of Humanity and the World. (And, just in case you don’t recognize yourself in this list, EVERYONE!!!!)

Quantum Alignment Sessions are available to help you dissolve your old blueprint, operating system, hidden unconscious patterning, contracts and tune in at the quantum level to the upgraded infrastructure and reminders of the gifts, blessings, wisdom that you are here NOW to receive and share with the world. It is time for those of us who have served through eons of time to RECEIVE our own thriving while we at the same time, remember what we are here to contribute as the world is also being quantum shifted.

The world as we know it is changing in so many ways, it is hard to keep up sometimes. It is also been my experience and what I have heard from so many, that it has been challenging to find our place in this time of radical shift. I hear someone say, almost every day, ” I used to be so inspired, I had such clarity about my call to purpose, to my work, my service, my relationships, my place in the world. And now I can’t seem to find motivation, my work has ground to a halt or I just don’t have the juice I used to have to engage with life.

I hear you, I have been there and I am so excited to say that I have an offering for you. It has always been my path to find my own way to “state shift” in times of deep transformation and then to offer my learnings to the world.

I am here to offer what I can only call Quantum Alignment Sessions. This is an invitation to recognize that for some of us, it is literally time to dissolve the blueprint, the contract, the call to purpose that has been the infrastructure for our lives up until now. So many of us are attempting to get clarity about next steps and what I discovered is that for quite a long time the phone lines to inner guidance, communication from Source (what ever you call it) seemed quiet, disconnected, dead.

What I came to understand was there was a need to completely dissolve the foundation from which I was calling. Literally to wipe the inner slate clean and shift into what I have come to call Quantum Alignment.

It is apparent to some that the veils between our world and the infinite world beyond are becoming much thinner. The legions of helpers, the access to the vaults of Ancestral Wisdom and the Infinite Fields of Intelligence that keep the whole universe in place, are more readily available than ever before. Our world needs access to these gifts and WE are the ones who are ready to receive them. HOWEVER!!! we seem to be being asked, invited, required to upgrade our own operating system in ways we have also not done before.

You may be thinking, “Grace I have done this before!” I understand and I have too. It is time to do it again. This time to perhaps uncover the remaining filaments of separation consciousness that are holding us in the old ways of being incarnate and receive the remembrance, more than ever before, of the power of our Quantum Self. We are each filled with memory banks of wisdom, love and light that the world needs desperately now and we are the only ones who can both be fulfilled by BEING that Self and sharing those gifts.

Here is what I have been shown. The Quantum Field is making itself available to us as never before. AND it is asking us to align, upgrade, dissolve our old identity and not only ask what is ours to be and do for our own evolution, but what is ours to do in the world that is also for the world. Again I know that most of you who are reading this, ask this every day. If you are asking and not receiving clarity, I would encourage you to consider having a session or two or three.

The people who have been coming for these sessions lately have been blown away and I am left in tears of awe afterward. It takes courage to stare down the hidden vestiges of fear, lack, limitation, fill in the blank of your own beliefs, memories, old operating systems, dare to be in the void of non being for a while, and then to be willing to be utterly surprised by what wants to come to you and through you. The hard wiring needs a complete overhaul and it takes some getting used to. Sometimes all we need is a safe enough container and the presence of one who has been where you are and is living proof and the vibrational match for what you are shifting into.

It is such a privilege to get to be this midwife for you, for certain part of my upgraded blueprint. I have a very, very strong mother consciousness yet most of my mothering has been within the framework of self sacrifice for those and that which I have loved. NOT NOW!!! Now I am called to thrive and be fulfilled beyond my wildest imagining while nurturing others into their quantum life path that is also to bring them their deepest personal thriving and planetary fulfillment.

And the really good news is that unlike in the past, when it seemed we needed to slog through our own transformation for years or even decades, there seems to be access to divine intervention like never before. When we call on our very own I AM presence, and the legions of helpers from the Infinite, we can navigate these upgrades and alignments in more gentle and I would say faster ways than before.

If you resonate with this message, please contact me for a free fifteen minute call to see if Quantum Alignment Sessions are right for you. Or if you are already ready we can schedule a session for you right away. For a limited time, I am offering a series of three prepaid sessions for new clients for a 10% discount.

Blessings of Profound Love to Every Single One of You. We were made for these times and now it is time to call in the remembering of Who We Truly Are and What We Are Here For at this extraordinary time on Planet Earth.

Love Grace


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