Neighbor Kid Delivers Sunday Sermon In The Sky

As some of you learned recently, my beloved eagle guardian has blessed my arrival in a new home, AND he lives here with his wife and kids! The parents hang out in a wonderful, tall pine at the top of my driveway and sometimes I see the younger eagles soar past my second story window, out over the bluff and beyond the hedges at the edge of the property.

It is a popular spot for many soaring birds including seagulls, ravens, crows and even an occaissional hummingbird.

I have a little, stuffed eagle who has a recorded eagle cry in his chest so I placed him on the windowsill to be the look out for his friends. He has been a bit lonely as they don’t seem to come by very often, so we sent out our cry and invoked their presence.

A couple of weeks ago, when the rains arrived in full force, I looked out my window and saw a completely still, open winged bird, hanging stock still in the air drafts. I have seen seagulls and eagles do this for a brief moment before zooming off into the wind drafts with nary a single wing beat. It is exhilarating and makes me wish I also had wings. This was clearly an eagle but he or she was not budging.

I was a bit surprised and went on with my day.

Today as I was arriving home from a warm, grey Sunday morning walk and heading down the long driveway, I could see a speck beyond the roof, out over the bluff. At first I thought it was a small plane approaching but it was not getting any bigger. Then I thought it was a drone as it remained so stationary for the two or three minutes it takes to walk the drive.

As I got to my house and walked around to the front, I realized it was the young eagle. Still completely still, now going on five minutes and a steady drizzle as well as the wind blowing no stop.

I grabbed my phone and raced upstairs to get my binoculars. Sure enough it was him/her. Girls like to play flying super hero too! “Look Eagley Guy! It’s your friend and he is hanging out right here in front of your window.”

Head bowed into the wind, one wing tip slightly raised and the other feathered out and straight. Every once in a while a slight side ways re balancing and then stock still again. I watched in utter amazement as this kid played his game in the sky, and the fun captions flowed through my mind.

“Still Life With Eagle”, “Eagle Plank Showdown”, “Jonathon Livingston Eagle Plays Hooky on Sunday” What would you add?

And still he stayed still. Now I am also settling down. After recording these short videos, I settle onto my bed and become absorbed in him.

Two of the most important and powerful spiritual messages I have ever received come through my awareness.

“Go to the highest mountain you can find. Fling your coat open wide and let the winds of life blow through you. If there is something inside that needs to be healed it will rise up, if not you are free.”

And one from my grand guru, Swami Kripalu, who once became caught in a raging river during a state of meditative intoxication. He was struggling against the current and trying to reach the shore but was becoming exhausted. Suddenly he heard the voice of his teacher in his mind:

“Stop swimming Swami. Stop Swimming!”

In an instant he surrendered completely and the current carried him safely to the shore.

My eagle teacher is still in the sky and it is getting close to fifteen minutes. I wonder if his wings are sore from being held in place so long. Some small micro movements ensue and then a few wing flutters. It seems he is trying to find his grove in the perfect spot but it seems to elude him. A few seagulls float by and he gazes down at them. That effortless gliding on the currents seems to capture his attention. And a brief moment later, more fluttering and zoom zoom, he is off to join the others on the moving sidewalk in the sky.

Thank you Beautiful Winged One. Whether you are boy or girl or non binary, You are my wise teacher today as you were when I first arrived in the Pacific Northwest over twenty five years ago. You came to my home on the shore every day during a difficult and lonely time. Your glorious cry, massive white head and tail and vast wing span seemed to follow me on my sea side walks and you even gifted me one of your feathers and my first message.

“Lift up, look up, rise up and see with eagle vision. Remember your purpose to BE GRACE in the world.”

And now a different time, and a different message. This time from the younger generation. You don’t even have your white head yet and your tail is still brown. Yet you are showing me how to live once again. In these trying times, it is often the youth who have the wisest words for us.

“Yes the rains come and yes the winds blow, put your head down, hold the posture of presence and JUST BE.


“And when it is time, let the loving winds of Spirit guide your way on.”


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