Love Your Mother

A simple practice that you can do to Love Your Mother!

Our Mother Earth is calling all of us. She has given all her treasures to her children and grandchildren throughout time, generously, freely, abundantly. And for eons of time our human ancestors knew only their connection to their Mother. There was no lack, no need for greed. The bond between humans and the earth was so developed, so powerful that only reverence and respect were offered as gifts of gratitude for all life’s needs being met every single day, every season, every year and every generation.

How amazing it must have been to have lived in these harmonious, sacred ways. To know the wisdom of the plants, the animals, the stars and the rocks. To actually be able to feel the web of connection that allowed us to hear the whispers of the winds, to invoke the power of the sun and to know how meet any need simply by attuning to Mother Earth.

It seems like those ways are long lost and forgotten but it is not so. It has only been a short time really, since we humans walked the way of communion with our planet. And there are still some among us who hold on to these sacred understandings and practices, but for most of us they are so far removed from our consciousness that they seem inaccessible.

Now our Mother is calling us back to these ways. She has had enough of our disconnection and disrespect and is sending her storms and fires and droughts to let us know it is time. Yet so many of us feel hopeless, helpless. What can we do? We are spinning so fiercely out of control and the power to change things on a global scale seems out of our hands.

I am here today to remind you that there are profoundly simple and mightily powerful ways that you can contribute. Two of THE MOST potent and impactful things you can do is to express deep gratitude and authentic joy. There is still so much we can be grateful for and be delighted with in our day to day lives, especially in the natural world. And every time we shift our focus and deliberately find something to be grateful for, we expand our hearts, and waves of appreciation spread like ripples in a pond all around us. And when we dare to experience joy, we are celebrating all that is good and not only does it light up our own immune systems and well being quotient, but it is infectious in the best way possible. Imagine contributing to a pandemic of joy and having that go viral!!! 🙂

So here is your task, should you wish to love your Mother today.

Take a few minutes and go be in nature. Your focus is to find something that delights you. It could be a glorious, brilliantly colored autumn leaf, or a bird playing on the wind drafts, a pretty rock or a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds. It must be something from the natural world. Let it call to you and take just a few moments to be in utter appreciation of its splendor. And because the truth is that your tiny talisman of nature is connected to every other speck of Mother Earth, see if you can feel your gratitude spreading like a quilt hug of thanksgiving across the entire planet and even down into the bedrock and out into the infinite galaxies of stars.

And then,….notice if you feel a little joy! I bet you will. So with that joy, find another and another precious gift from nature to appreciate and as you do, simply let your joy expand. You may feel shy or silly or self conscious, but I promise the only one who will be watching and rejoicing will be your very own Mother. Do you remember the delight on your mother’s face when you, as a young child, would bring her a flower or a bug or a painting from school. Imagine your Earth Mother’s exquisite bliss to feel your gratitude and joy. You may even feel her dancing, singing, crying tears of gratitude with you in return. And then take a few quiet moments to feel her breathing great sighs of relief and all of her elements gently returning to peace, balance and harmony. See? You really can change the world. One simple gratitude gesture and moment of joy at a time.

Love your Mother today, and tomorrow and every day. You will be so happy you did.

And if you know a child you can share this practice with, DO IT!!! They are already Earth Stewards and if we are to remember the sacred arts of gratitude and joy, we only need to spend a little time in nature with children.

So much love to One and All and To our Mother.



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