Feeling So Very Welcomed!

As you could discern from my last post, getting ready to move is a BIG DEAL in my world and my psyche. And then there is the move itself and the welcoming into a new world. Sometimes it is challenging beyond belief and sometimes it is sublime.

I arrived at my new home a week ago with the help of a dear friend and poof, within an hour all the “stuff” was landed and I was left to start to figure out what goes where and what doesn’t. It began as a dreary PNW day and yet through out the moving process Mr Sun continually showed up to flood my space with light light and more light. After having lived at the bottom of a north facing hill for seven years, and having only a few minutes of early morning light in my space I have been starved from my friend Mr. Sun. He found a way to be my welcoming committee and amidst the boxes and the flurry of furniture positioning, I found myself in joyous tears again and again. THIS is one of the main things that drew me to uproot myself and dare to leap and sure enough, I was being assured that the leap was worth it.

One of the most important things for me to do when arrive in a new area is to find the wild places. The nature walks where I can commune with my friends, the rocks and tress and animals of the area. I found a small place called Deer Park and after a lovely wander through the small but lush hillside park I was ready to return to my car. On my way I was greeted by the park warden and his lovely wife, barely feet away from me. We spent a time chatting and I thanked them both for their warm welcome and I was on my way.

The next day as I drove up the long driveway to venture out again, who should I find holding court above our property but my beloved Eagle Guardian. I pulled over to the side of the road and gave thanks once again for the confirmation that my “gang” were here as they always are, no matter where I roam I am always home.

The next day I wandered again, this time in the very lovely neighborhood with gracious homes and properties built right into the rich landscape of this area. And who should prance across my urban landscape but Mr Coyote. We tipped our hats to each other and off he/she went.

Another evening, right at sunset I hurried down to the waterfront as I wanted to engage with some of my new neighbors. Little did I know that the Bubble Queen and King would be there dispensing their delights and even inviting me to have a hand at the bubble wand, an absolute favorite activity since my early childhood.

And so the week progressed. So many creative challenges in having to fit former life space into new life space. What goes? What stays? What goes in the storage closet for later gater.

And then poof it is already a whole week passed and as I arrive home for the evening and sunset show after a grey rainy day decides to throw me a party. It went on and on and on and I was reminded of endless sunsets in Hawaii when the world would stop and the throngs would gather on beaches and bluffs to experience the sermon of Mr Sun and the Multitudes of Clouds as they would offer up their vespers and end of day blessings.

Thank you God, Thank you Life, Thank you Dear Friends from before and New friends arriving. As I write this my beloved Mr. Sun is once again pouring in through my windows in what was supposed to be the storm of the century in our region.

It may seem that our planet is about to spin out of control with all manner of chaos and distress, yet here I am in a world filled with beauty and blessings beyond imagining. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I welcome this new beginning filled with magic and joy.

Love Grace


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