To each and every one of us….a message of hope and an invitation to contribute to the well being of our Mother Earth. Will you join me in doing ceremony for our planet? Invitations to join virtually and in person coming soon. Please check out the beautiful video at the end of this message.

It is easy to become completely overwhelmed by the destruction of our planet. I hear of anguish, and debilitating, immobilizing angst, anger and grief that has no where to go.

I am here to encourage us to use that energy and redirect it into inspired action, ( even tiny ones can make a difference) AND to engage in meditative ceremony. I know in my bones that I am here to be a Steward of Mother Earth and it sometimes feels like a hopeless task. Yet I have also recently expanded and deepened my ceremony practices and I can feel the power of my actions that if they were to be observed, look like almost nothing at all.

I have a wonderful Earth Ball, a blow up ball with a glorious satellite image of Earth on it. I do an offering of the elements of earth, fire, air, and water ceremony and then spend time reflecting on all of the magical moments I have spent in magnificent, natural sanctuaries. These are some of my most holy of life experiences. The calm silence of the forest, the pure soft floating streams, the roar of the vast ocean waves, the majesty of the mountains. As I call up these experiential memories, I feel my entire system calming down and filling with peace, joy and deep love. I offer these energy gifts to my beloved Mother Earth and quite often drift off to sleep. As I awaken, I comprehend that I have made the active choice to align myself with Mother Earth in her power, beauty, and perfectly balanced nature. It might seem bold to say, but I can feel that I have made a difference. I have made a stand for the soul of Mother Earth AND my soul being alive and well. I can feel this energy radiating from my center and spreading like a mosaic of light, love and peace down into the earth and being embedded and dispersed into every rock, tree, drop of water and grain of soil.

I would like to join with you and do these and other simple ceremonies as our gift to our Earth. Please stay tuned, as I will be offering invitations for both virtual and in person gatherings soon. And as always if you would like a private session to help make this internal quantum shift, I am available to support you that way as well.

And a special plea to include your kids and youth in these opportunities. We must model for them what it looks like to uplift, transform and birth a whole new world, even as it seems the death toll has already begun. We can help them see that it is birth pangs and that the infinite wholeness and beauty of life actually can not ever be extinguished.

Please watch this glorious video about the Ancient Rainforests of British Columbia and the hopeful gatherings of people who are doing their ceremonies and standing up to protect these trees.


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