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There is a new way to get married in town and it is called Tiny Weddings. The brainchild of three amazing wedding vendors, Sara Hill, Cara Sorenson-Baker and Alissa Lawton. Your entire wedding, including gorgeous venue, decor, flowers, cake and champagne, photos and even a live stream video and ME the officiant for the inaugural Tiny Wedding day all packed in to ninety minutes. A perfect choice for couples who want all the beauty and feels of a gorgeous wedding, but none of the stress and headaches of year long planning.

The first wedding was given as a gift give-away to an essential worker couple and everyone was overjoyed to help this beautiful bride and groom regain their sense of hope, happiness and magic after a difficult pandemic year. It was truly moving to hear their story of facing moments in the past year of feeling their dreams falling away after a canceled wedding and other tests and trials, and yet as difficulty often does, it revealed a deep certainty in both of their hearts that this connection and love they shared was a treasure worth keeping. And so deep “I am all in” commitments were made in their private moments. And as also happens when powerful commitments are made, Providence moves too and along came Tiny Weddings with their give away gift just waiting for Hillary and Austin to receive it.

Cue music, “Stand By Me”, enter bride and groom and their sweet ring bearer and son. Personally written, heart felt vows expressed with tender tears, beautiful rings blessed and exchanged, expressions of gratitude to the Spirit of Love dispensed, kisses and more kisses, and poof they were married.

We even double checked that the marriage connection had truly been created with the help of the All Powerful Love-o-Meter.

Congratulations Hillary, Austin and Oliver. You deserve all the married happiness your hearts can hold.

Round two was another magical coming together of a wedding decided, planned and pulled off in three days!!!! Katie and Alistair met in a circus program and became fast friends, even with continents between their home bases, they keep finding ways to play and have adventures together. After eight years, they both realized there was more than friendship stirring in their hearts and took their relationship to the next level. Enter a pandemic, borders closed, and a new love relationship had even more high wire hoops to jump through, to keep their connection alive. Finally Alistair is able to get to Seattle from not only Australia, but Sweden where he is temporarily stationed for training. Katie just happens to be one of the managers of the venue for our first Tiny Wedding. She is working with the Tiny Wedding staff to organize the first event and hears there is one slot open during the day for one more wedding. Off she goes to talk with Alistair and with that “life is a daring adventure or nothing at all” spirit they decided to leap and tie the knot.

It is quite amazing to meet, share your love story with a complete stranger, be willing to reveal all the tender and honest feelings about your Beloved to them and entrust them to guide you through your wedding ceremony three days later. What an honor and delight it has been to be given that privilege, Katie and Alistair. Thank you for your trust and allowing me to help you express your love so beautiful to each other.

Wedding dresses and fancy suits were found, hair and make up taken care of in the upstairs office of the venue, parents, family and friends both in attendance and zoomed in from Australia and across the county and we are ready to roll. Such heart felt promises and commitments shared and a courageous common “WE DO” proclaimed to face their unknown future, with more long distance relating coming in the months ahead.

So what do you give as a wedding gift for dare devils such as these? Why Magic Mini Roaming Gnomes, of course, each imbued with the immense powers of protection and a tiny (what else) tracking devise to ensure that their Beloved finds their way home where ever they roam.

Thank you Seattle Tiny Weddings for an absolutely delightful, love filled day. Here’s to many more magical mini weddings. And newly engaged couples and Vow Renewal couples, head over to https://seattletinywedding.com/ to sign up for your elegant, classy amazingly orchestrated miniature celebration today.

SO CHARMING!!! Who Wouldn’t Be Happy Drinking Bubbles From This Little Cutie!

Blessings to all the dedicated vendors and sweet families who were part of our launch!

Officiant Grace


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