Sharing My Legacy Work With The World

WOO HOO!!! Manifesting Intentions Likety-Split!!!

I have had an intention to share my Legacy Work and Story with the world for the past few years. I have toyed with the ideas of writing a memoir, a book, creating a podcast and also have been looking for opportunities to share through media outlets. I was kind of stalled out on this intention until about a week ago when I had a powerful inner shift and said a great big huge YES to my life purpose being deeply fulfilled.

Then suddenly someone showed up on facebook and invited me to join a Media Access for Creatives group. I was given the opportunity to share a short intro video of my intentions and shared about my Legacy work reaching the world.

Then next day I was given an opportunity to join a networking group that links reporters to potential contributors for on line magazines, tv, radio and podcasts.

Today I received the list of requested contributions and poof… a few hours later, I have submitted not one but two short articles in response to very specific titles that I happen to have some “expertise” about. So fun, so easy, so effortless. SAYING YES to having our lives and heart’s desires fulfilled turns the light bright green!!!

Here they are if you would like to read and send some good juju to.


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