As a life long nomad, I have moved more than almost anyone I know. Early on in my pilgrimage around the planet, I learned to create an alter in my new space, even before unpacking boxes. I even do this when I am traveling and staying in hotels or visiting friends.

The gesture of created a sacred space, placing beautiful treasures and talismans, and then lighting a candle reminds me of the LIGHT WITHIN that always travels with me and keeps me connected to my Inner Home where ever I roam in the world. I set my intentions and invoke the magic that brings forth my new life and then take some time to meditate. I can feel my energy, presence and life force filling up my new space and turning it into my home. As I come and go in the first few days and weeks of my transition, I continue this practice and gradually as I return to my space, I can feel that I am there, welcoming myself HOME even as I am still a stranger in a strange land. This ritual has been the foundation for coming to truly know that Home is Where the Heart Is and that The Whole World is My Home.

This sweet little alter is in a rented room in a lovely estate house on Maui overlooking the majestic ocean. The other very wise thing I have learned to do when I arrive in a new place is to get a simple “gig”. A something to do to anchor me and begin the long process of rebuilding community and belonging. This time I landed a job as at a florist in one of the Resort Hotels. My main assignment was to tend to the orchids that adorned the lobbies and hallways of the resort. When the flowers had had their turn sharing their beauty with the guests, I was allowed to bring them home. So I spent my days wandering the glorious grounds of the Four Seasons hotel, enjoying all the smiles and happiness of the guests, sharing the Aloha of the islands with them and the lovely resort staff and then leaving at the end of my shift with my arms filled with flowers.



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