Manifesting From the Inside Out


First and foremost, a reminder!!! We were born this way, we truly are Creator Gods and it is what we know how to do!

So…..just in case the memories are a little fuzzy, What REALLY makes things happen?

  Usually the answer is a combination of deep inner EXPERIENTIAL alignment with that which you wish to manifest – be in the state of feeling of it having ALREADY HAPPENED!   AND inspired action, actually building pathways in the 3-D world that allow the internal energetic blueprint to be expressed in visual material ways. 

Some examples–

* inner inspiration and delight as we feel how fantastic it feels to be healthy – guiding us to make healthier choices in our food and fitness actions

* inspiration to be loving in our relationships – leading to focusing on gratitude and more patient presence in our connections with loved ones,

* dreams of being successful in our professional endeavors – generating an instinct to follow a hunch at work that leads to a breakthrough

*answering our call to purpose -reaching out to someone new that is totally aligned with our life purpose and teaming up to build a better world.

The key is to maintain the feeling state, the inspiration and inner energy experience (often called “vibration”) as we engage in our action steps. 

 The catch is, often the action steps can feel scary, laborious, challenging and even sabotaged by the part of us that resists the very thing we say we want.   AND, even more often, we shift out of our inspired feeling state into willful, efforting, doing mode when it is time to take action and unwittingly cut ourselves off from the stream of creative energy that is the fuel for our dreams coming true.

 And here is the really kicker!!  We let go of the hand of our Manifesting Partner.  Source, God, Infinite Potential Field of All There Is, what ever we call it, we create through partnership with THAT!!!!

 We arrive here on earth with the seeds of love and joy planted in our heart of who we are and what it is that will be OUR greatest expression of fulfillment of our unique SELF.  The whole game here is to awaken, remember and create that version of ourself.  The most wonderful news is that we have the best damn partner in this escapade we could ever imagine.  I sometimes like to call it the Amazon Fulfillment Center in the Sky!!!  EVERYTHING, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, already exists and is waiting on the shelves for our order.  AND the boss is the WISH FULFILLING CEO IN THE CLOUDS.   Who loves us and wants for us, even more than we want for ourselves. 

So how does this all work???

My experience is that it is somewhat of an “80/20” kind of dance.

I spend eighty percent of my time, building up the inner state of dreaming, focusing, envisioning, listening, praying, for my deepest heart’s desire and truly engaging in filling up with the experience of what it feels like when this desire is fulfilled.

 The next part is perhaps the most important.  REMEMBERING MY PARTNERSHIP AND MY DESERVEDNESS.   The magic isn’t so much in the dreaming, it is daring to remember our deserving.  We are born LOVED by our life partner.  By whatever name we call it, we are bound to, infused with, already granted the inheritance from that which is our Source/Higher Self.  

And so the great trick of manifesting is in being able to give over our dreams to THAT!  Want it with every fiber of your being and then release it in complete trust,

 all of these beautiful INNER constructs into the vast, infinite realms of possibility, Spirit, God, Source. 


Daring to want it so much that I actually ache inside, filling up with what it feels like when it has already arrived in life, and giving it over to my Co Creative Partner leaves me in a state of such peace and even joy, that the remainder of my time and focus occurs in a very intuitive way.   Sometimes without even thinking, I discover a natural volition that makes choices for me, and a natural motivation to act without resistance or fear or willful effort.  I seem to be able to sustain the action part by GRACE!!!! 

THIS is the combo we want to attain.  To trust that our inner aligned and refined state of being embraced by that which loves us, will naturally guide our outer actions in the direction of and fulfillment of our visions and dreams. 

AND when the inspired action either falters, or seems to have run out of steam, rather than doubling down on grit and grinding away, I remove myself and return to the inner sanctuary. 

 We are all Master Builders.  We are first and foremost beings with infinite capacity for love, joy, outrageous wellbeing, connection, fulfillment, peace and even courage.    We are actually made of these qualities, they are our essential nature and we arrived here on earth with the codes already embedded in our life force, our DNA and our deep heart of hearts, to BE ALL THAT!  

So one of the most powerful ACTS we can perform is to go inside and dare to ask


It is not so much reaching for what we are missing, as it is awakening the blueprint of who we are.  We come here to REMEMBER and to EXPRESS / SHARE CONTRIBUTE, our essential nature. 

Learning the inner practices that help us open to and experience the beauty and magnificence of our SELF is our first life assignment.

 Remembering that we come from a field of LOVE that is designed to reflect, amplify and make manifest our essence is our second task. 

THEN it is time to simply follow the impulses, the hunches, the inner prompts of inspiration and allow those to turn into action. 

It will delight and amaze you to discover synchronicities, unimagined opportunities, seeming gifts out of the blue and the delightful experience of hands-on-face amazement of “OH MY GOD!!!  I did it!!! It happened!!!”   (“We did it!” would be more true!)

 The very fascinating thing is that sometimes the thing wished for comes in a totally different way than we imagined.  The key is to recognize that the inner feeling that you focused on in your dreaming time has now become your living, breathing experience, in the flesh, in your life, in the soil and bricks and mortar of your life.

THIS is the moment when we truly know ourselves as profound and powerful CREATOR BEINGS.  Gods incarnate, here to BE our beautiful, magnificent SELF and to contribute our joy, our gifts our GRACE to the world. 

And the only thing left to do is to bow down deep, deep, deep in grateful celebration of this blessing. 

What an amazing thing to discover in our creative expression here on earth…WE ARE SO LOVED that we can leave the comfort of HOME and create everything we remember, right here, right now in our earthly lives.  And then, perhaps, the only thing left to do is an outrageous happy dance and high five slap for the ONE who smiles and says,  “Welcome Home!  You had it in you all the time!”

So get your ruby slippers on, feel the deepest dream of dreams in your heart, offer it up to the INFINITE and open your arms wide in grateful receiving.

And send me a message, and tell me what magic and miracles you manifested today.

love Grace


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