An Exalted Moment In Time

I have a profound and beloved relationship with a forest. It is called The Grand Forest and it is Grand Indeed. Today my friend offered up a magical slice of heaven in sunlight, green glowing moss, reflecting pools and a a solemn visit with a fallen forest giant ( at least one hundred and fifty years old! I counted the rings)

Normally when I visit with my friend, I come in silence or with soft sacred music playing in my earbuds. I talk to my friends the trees, I bliss out on the green glory everywhere, and if I am really lucky, I am blessed by the passing joy of dogs, mini humans and even gallantly sauntering horses going by.

Then there was today….. I chose to listen to a youtube video about a near death experience of a ten year old girl. When I am in need of the deepest nurturance possible, it is these accounts of life after life, that fill my longing in the most satisfying way.

As I walked and listened, I was as usual, profoundly moved. What I did not expect was the extraordinary experience of being in a world so exquisitely aligned with what the girl was reporting from her visit to “heaven.” I was so moved I had to stop and take in this merging of worlds, this moment of living in what I call, heaven on earth “Love beaming like sun rays through the trees”, “simple encounters with utter strangers, just to exchange a smile or a kind word” “knowing for a moment in time that I am the love that is radiating all around me.”

I beseech you to listen to this exquisite account of a young girl’s visit to heaven. And as the moderator says in the end of the episode, if you know anyone who is struggling with their own anticipated death or the loss of a dear one, please share this message. I feel that this is a major part of my life’s mission. I have had such experiences, and I know with out a shadow of doubt that they are true. What a glorious gift these accounts give us. We and our loved ones are completely safe in the world beyond ours. AND while we are here our only task is to give and receive love. THAT’S IT.

Blessings of profound love to One and All,

Love Grace

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