Our NEW HUMAN self!!!

I have been blessed with knowing since I was very young that we are living in a time when our TRUE SELF is emerging out of our very limited imagining of who we are. Humanity has been stumbling around for a very long time, so caught in a dumbed down operating system and finally the UPGRADE of UPGRADES is happening.

Some of us call this “waking up” others call it, “remembering”. I call it a “State Shift” like shifting the gear in a car. There is our limited, wounded, separate, fear based version of being human and there is the Already, Always, Infinite Source SELF that radiates mostly in the background.

What is so incredibly thrilling to me is knowing that our SOURCE SELF is now taking front and center stage and it is happening automatically. The field of consciousness on our planet and in the cosmos is UPLIFTING and everyone is being drawn up with it. Some of us are aware of this shift, and like me, so excited to finally see the evidence of what I came here to be part of. It is a sense of having come back from the future, from worlds where this Source Self has been activated and dominant, and participating in the quantum shift here on earth. Others may have no clue that this process is occurring and it can even sometimes feel like there are two life paths that are separating. One path, a continuation of life as it has been, and one in which we are embodied Source Self with the ability to create the so called “heaven on earth” that we have experienced in other realms.

I know that my role is to align with this recognition of who I am as Source, and to dream into being the world of love, peace, prosperity and radiant harmony that I remember from the “future” It is a delightful “job” and I know it is working when I encounter “mirror reflections” of my dreams coming into reality.

One such delightful reflection is meeting this lovely being who calls herself Oracle Girl. Jacqueline showed up as a link on a friend’s facebook page recently and the minute I heard her language I knew she was a part of my “New Human” tribe. I devoured her website, wrote her an email expressing my deep gratitude to her for coming to earth and being a very big voice for all that my life has been about. I wanted to share this interview with you as an introduction to this PRESENCE so you too can feel what it is like to be with someone who knows herself as SOURCE.

Those of you who relate will be delighted with her offerings, message and what she calls “purification” Simply by being in the world, some of us are here to activate the memory of the Source Self and turn on our own and others’ State Shifting process. I am one of those as is Jacqueline.

Enjoy this rather long, yet beautiful interview and be in touch if you want some support in this amazing, miraculous process of State Shifting. We are the ones we have been waiting for and this is the time we have all come here for.

Deep Blessings of Joy and Love To All



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