I am completely over the moon, having just watched this magnificent interview with Lilou Mace and Gregg Braden, two of my favorite people on the planet. If you are truly and sincerely looking to heal at the deepest level possible and to activate and embody the magnificent truth of who you are, please watch the video and read Gregg’s book. The vibrational codes embedded in the ancient languages have a power to create extraordinary quantum shifts in all of us.

When we move into the Coherent State, accessed by focused attention on connecting the heart and the brain, breathing and feeling states of gratitude, appreciation and compassion in the heart AND repeat the prayers and mantras from these ancient languages, we are activating our most empowered state of consciousness and the entire biology and psychology of the body-mind move into alignment as well.

These ancient practices are a profound gift handed down from our ancestors and available to us now to create miracles.

AND WAIT UNTIL YOU HEAR THE PART ABOUT BEAUTY!!!! I have never quite understood why beauty is such a compelling necessity in my life, almost as essential as oxygen. Affirming and honoring the power of beauty as a fundamental force in nature helps us also to find the beauty in every single situation in our lives, even the most challenging and despairing.

I can personally attest to the truth of all that Gregg shares in this message. Prayer and Mantra chanting and even my own modern, english versions of these ancient vibrational truths truly do invoke some of the deepest feeling states I have experienced. Feelings of peace and empowerment, feelings of awe, wonder, gratitude and omnipresent grace. And the suddenness of these inner states being reflected in my health and external life is breathtaking indeed!!!!

I hope you will experiment with these wisdom codes and leave me a message of your experience.

Blessings of love to you



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