November 3, 2020 An Invitation to Shift into Unity!!!

MY FELLOW AMERICANS…. (I have to admit that as a deeply loyal and passionate Canadian who has been blessed with dual citizenship, that is still a weird statement to make)

Are you ready to be present and breathe your way through what ever happens on November 3rd?

First of all, I am here if you want help… I will breathe with you and help you to integrate what ever arises from the results of our election. You may weep with ecstatic rejoicing or tremble in terror… these are the times we are in My Beloveds!

What I would ask you to consider is this! What ever the result… will you hold to the vision that our world is in the midst of a quantum leap? Even if your wished for outcome does not happen… will you keep your heart open to embrace it’s opposite?

We sometimes get confirmation that indeed our world is evolving in the direction of light through circumstances that look glowing to us and sometimes we get the exact opposite and I swear the invitation is the same.


To the degree that many, many, many, many ( four or four billion manys) of us can hold to our knowing that our world is quantum shifting, we will see exactly that, in spite of appearances.

I just finished reading a magnificent book called Anna. An account of the life of Jesus from his grandmothers perspective. It moved me to tears to listen and feel the alignment of all the souls who held to this same vision of global transformation during one of the darkest hours or our recent history. What struck me the most deeply is that all of the players who held space for Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection had been told that the fruits of this event would not be fulfilled for many many years, decades and centuries. They held fast to their vision non the less.

Perhaps we are now living at the foreseen time. And if the skies look dark and the crowds seem hate filled and ready for deeply divisive action next week, will you hold the vision still?

I deeply and profoundly believe that our world is being lifted up… and that all of us are being invited to participate in a period of peace and prosperity that we all long for.

We all have our idea of which election result will move us in that direction. The trick, the secret sauce, the invitation is to dissolve our impulse toward duality. Remember that many of the most enlightened souls in our evolution got there by staring down what looked like the devil. Others were lifted up by grace in their darkest hour.

The invitation is to remain in the magnificent truth of ONENESS that blesses us all. Not so easy when we are triggered to our core AND that is when this practice is called upon the most.

Will you join me on November 3rd and beyond? My life surely looks like absolutely nothing at all right now as I hang out at home over months and months and probably many more months to come. But internally this is my focus.

We are ONE, We are LOVE, we are LIGHT, we are blessed by the GRACE of what ever the heck you call GOD. It is time to allow this truth to show up in our world and I have voted for THIS. What ever it looks like next week, this is what I will choose to see and affirm. Will you join me? May I hold your hand and help you?

I love you all.




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