Introduction to The Connected Breath.

My Humming for Health and Happiness Campaign is expanding!!!!! Thank you to everyone who has joined me for humming. I hope will continue to hum and are delighting in increased happiness and are buzzing with great, good health.

The breath is truly what I call “the gold in my pocket” and it is in yours as well. We have this extraordinary gift that is given to us at the moment of birth and remains with us for our entire lives. Thank goodness our breath is automatic and we can rush around in our crazy, busy lives having our attention pulled in a million different directions and still we will some how manage to get enough oxygen to keep functioning. However, perhaps not at the level of health, happiness or fulfillment we would wish for.

When we claim back our attention and focus it on our breathing, and breathe intentionally, we literally tap in to the power, the life force that fuels the entire cosmos. The same life force that creates worlds, is available to help us create for ourselves, peace, well being, creative engagement in our lives and the fulfillment of what I believe is our most fundamental need.

The one thing I hear more than any other from people who are searching, searching for something to give them a sense of meaning and comfort is CONNECTION. We all want to find a way to fill the void and resolve the ache of aloneness that pervades our modern life. How paradoxical, that in the age of instant and massive technological connectivity, that we feel more isolated and alone than ever.

Here is the gift that came in to my life, almost forty years ago, when I was overwhelmed with a sense of discontent and even I would say despair. What an amazing experience, to find my way to being reunited with the source of LIFE, just from connecting my inhalation and my exhalation. WHO KNEW!!!!

Please watch and experiment with Connected Breath. Please leave me a comment or a question and Happy Breathing Everyone.

Love Grace


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