Night Shift Work – Early AM edition   9/13/2020

I often do some of my best transformational work while the skies are dark and the world is sleeping.  

As I am preparing to fall asleep, I reflect on the state of our world and review things that have inspired me, give thanks for all that is good in my life and drift off in to dream land attuned and connected to my beloved God/SELF/Source.

Most nights/early mornings I wake up and do more reflecting and the deep, deep sleep that comes next is often filled with amazing “dreams”, transmissions of integration and insight and even visitations of helpers, angels, amazing downloads of love and ecstatic energy. 

I used to struggle with this dynamic of “night shift work” as I would have to push and rush to join the day’s demands when I was not even fully in my body or settled and rested from my duties in the dark.

Now I have come to trust that even if I do have to bolt up to make an appointment or attend to a day job responsibility, I can usually go back to bed at some point or just make sure I have an early to bed time that evening.

So I would like to share with you last night’s “work” as it seems like it may be helpful for many of us.

I have long called myself an “alchemist” and know that my purpose is to transmute that which is dark into light.   Even more fundamentally, I am here to hold fast to the truth that in fact, there is only Love Filled Light in all of creation.  That which we perceive as “dark energies” are simply condensed light and reflections of consciousness that have forgotten/disconnected from their true essence as light. 

Our entire planet and for many thousands of years, our human race, have been operating in this duality consciousness and so what manifests is seen as divided into light and dark, good and bad, love and hate.

As we now journey through this time of great intensity on planet earth, it looks like the world and more essentially, the expression of being human, has gone mad.  More darkness, more divisiveness, more hate, and where oh where is the light and the love?

A few days ago, I heard someone speaking of this apocalyptic time in our world and spoke of it in the metaphor of humanity being in the birth canal, so dark so intense, so painful and compressed, the tiny human going through what seems like a tunnel of hell right before arriving in a whole new world.

The person spoke of the shamans, the spiritual adepts and the wisdom keepers and how they are trained to remain steady and steadfast during these “dark nights of the soul” and in so doing create the conditions for the emergence into the light.

This brief one or two minute message stirred me deeply and I have been reflecting on how this has been my calling for most of my life. 

 In my own personal journey, I was taught very early on how to remain steady, focused, breathing in and breathing out while waves of agony crashed on the shores of my psyche, learning to trust that the very pain that seemed like it would drown me or break me apart, actually moved of its own accord (with “me” along with it) into sublime states of resolution, peace, radiant states of wholeness, love and even bliss.

Later I was called to powerful events in the world, 9/11 being the most potent, to simply be present, breathe and feeling everything that was happening, and help transmute the profound suffering that was crashing over those involved and the collective human heart.   

Again and again, I would find myself arriving at those blessed shores of peace and love and I would feel and see huge beams of love filled light pouring in through the wounded battered cracks, in the fallen buildings, the incinerated towns, the tsunami flooded villages.    

And so it was again last night.  I reflected on the global pandemic, all the fear it is triggering, the uprising of protests for social injustice, and our American west coast burning like Armageddon. 

I woke up as usual during the pre dawn hours and began my alchemy practices.

 I starred down all the so called darkness in the world, all of it!!!  Then I aligned with my Source and the Truth that lives in me.  My mantra at times like this is “In the Name of Light and Love That Is, I stare you down.  I know who and what you are.”

I remain focused on the light that is within you, above you, all around you.  I remain steadfast and allow the burning, breaking, exploding and even “infecting of viruses” to show us our inner disconnect, our inner forgetting, and I breathe and allow all of it to be dissolved back into the one essential essence of all there is.

I then fell asleep and had what seemed like chaotic dreams.  People not being present with each other, a woman getting a make over, only to walk out of the hair salon with black hair on her head and long locks of white descending down her back, no lovely balayage, just black and then harsh line into stark white, a lovely new luxury condo being offered up as a new home for me to live in, only to discover that it is being sold by a scammer who doesn’t even own it.   In the midst of all this, I looked up through the dark haze of smoke and saw a massive space ship;  a vast sphere, slowly spinning, that seemed to fill my entire range of vision. 

I smiled ecstatically and remember saying silently to myself in the dream “ok!! Now we are talking!”

I could feel myself slowly stirring back into wakefulness and just before I left the dream world, suddenly from the heavens, a huge evergreen tree landed with a thud, planted right in front of me, perfect, almost like a plastic toy evergreen tree only immense.   It stood there, deeply and securely planted, strong invincible and EVERGREEN.  

I woke up and smiled.   OK THEN!   Night shift duties done;  extra credit for early am overtime.   IT WAS 9 am.  I never stay in bed that long.  J

And so, my dearly beloved, human family, whatever you are facing and feeling about this deep, dark night of the soul we are collectively living through, I pray you will remember that it is carrying us, perhaps through what feels like a nightmare, to the place of remembering.  Inside those burning flames, those screams of rage, the seeming evil of debauchery and deceit, the EVERGREEN light of love is there.

  It is our great opportunity and I would say our day and night shift work to hold fast to this truth and allow it to blossom in our hearts, our minds, our consciousness and our world.

Not everyone is ready, willing or able to do this kind of QAUNTUM SHIFT WORK.  It is enough that there are many, many of us who are.   I send you my blessings of encouragement, appreciation and empathy for being one of the Workers for the Awakening of our World.    I hope this message reminds you of who you are and how deeply important your place and presence are at this time on Earth.

Much love to ALL. 



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