Little did I know when I launched my “Humming for Health and Happiness” campaign a month ago, that I would be blessed to contribute to a profound healing experience for someone. My original inspiration was to offer a simple, fun, easy to practice offering that might lift our collective spirits, help us build our immunity during the pandemic and bring some smiles to people’s faces.

I overcame my camera shyness and made my first Welcome to Humming for Health and Happiness video, posted it on my youtube channel (gracemac8) and went on about my business. I continued to look for opportunities to share my inspiration and kept on making little humming videos. It sure worked for me as I found myself humming, smiling and feeling oh so very healthy even with Covid surging all around me.

What I did not realize is that one person came across my first video on facebook and she started humming right away. A week later I met her at our local Business Women’s Network meeting and she shared with me her amazing story. After just a few days of humming in her garden her chronic nasal infection pain reduced from a level 9 or 10 down to a level 4!!!!! I was profoundly moved and so was she. The following week she came for a more in depth breath work session and in one short hour, cleared the entire face numbing, pain and congestion trauma that had plagued her for her entire life. We both sat in silence with tears in our eyes and I thought: “Don’t ever be afraid to offer a simple gift of love and inspiration to the world. You have no idea who is out there just waiting to receive your offering”

Here is my Dear Humming Friend’s testimonial.

“I first saw Grace on a post she made to a women’s networking group, and was immediately captivated by her apparent energy- just from her words! Intrigued, I went to her Facebook page and watched her August 10th video on humming. I had been plagued with sinus issues for years, and had sinus surgery (yuck!) last December but it was getting painful again, like a cinder block was living on my forehead. I went back to the ENT and he said I needed surgery again, but I was very reluctant to undergo more messing around in my nose. Something in what she said clicked and I thought “I should try that humming thing!” So I did it for a couple of days, and lo and behold my right sinus, which was the bad one, has completely cleared up! It sounds nuts, I know, but it is really true. We met in person a few days later and hummed as a group, and I learned that 10” is a good duration to hum a song (repeating it as many times as necessary), and then do 5 long hums on a single note, noticing where I feel that particular vibration. Wow- that just solidified the healing! Now I go out in my garden every morning and hum along with the bees, and the rest of the day I feel amazing energy and focus. I am so grateful to Grace and her generous spirit- just being around her brings a sense of lightness and healing.

When she offered to do a breath healing session with me, I was overjoyed and so ready to see what could happen at an even deeper level. I knew that I had something bigger going on with the sinuses, and other connected symptoms of fungal infections, and that I needed to heal from the inside. Grace took me on a very gentle journey inside my body, and her reassuring voice helped me find the confidence to explore areas that were very tender. I was able to heal some ancient wounds, understand more about my relationship with my mother, and regain sensation on the whole right side of my head. It sounds crazy, but I had no idea that this was even possible. I am so grateful that our paths crossed, and I can heartily recommend engaging with Grace and the wisdom that she shares so generously. My life has changed because of her.”

JM   August 27, 2020

And here are links to a couple of the humming videos. The rest of them are also on my youtube channel. I hope you will join me in some humming… Would love to hear from you and your story of Humming for Health and Happiness.

Love and Blessings to All,



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