Beautiful Backyard Weddings

We are in the world of tiny weddings!!!! While that is often a big disappointment for brides and grooms who have been dreaming of and planning for fantastic venues, fun dress up fashion parades and loads of loved ones to celebrate with, life on Planet Earth is asking us to return to simpler times. Enter the BACKYARD WEDDING!!!!

Having now officiated several of these lovely ceremonies, I wanted to come here and cast my vote for more of the same. There is an ease, comfort and natural-ness that is so sweet and such intimate, genuine, heart felt sharing, that I leave with my heart full and truly happy for the couples who are blessed with these mini marriage beginnings.

I am learning that it takes as much, if not even more, planning for these tiny celebrations as the wedding planner has usually been cancelled along with many of the other vendors. My heart aches for those of you ( us ) in the wedding industry as I know how much creativity and genuine effort you put in to making weddings amazing May we all be together again making magic for our brides and grooms.)

Yet when the day finally comes and the Mom’s and Dads, friends and families have all pulled out their most amazing, creative contributions, backyards, gardens and even public parks transform into magical sanctuaries filled with love and happiness. Home made Huppas, Puppies as Guests, Processionals Across the Grassy Lawn and even Zoomed in Guests from Far and Wide.

Sometimes there are some glitches, the procession has begun and the zoom guests are yelling on the screen in the background ” WE CAN”T HEAR!!” So we halt the arrival of grooms men and brides maids, make a technical adjustment, cue the cellist to begin again and poof “Here Comes The Bride” and tears in eyes as the tiny band of “Dearly Beloveds laugh, cry and squint with the sun in their eyes.

The ceremony begins, I am used to being the one who makes everyone cry as the Officiant, yet the bride or the gramma on zoom are so present and in their hearts, that I can hardly offer my opening prayers as my throat chokes with emotion and love.

In my opening prayers I always acknowledge the Nature Spirits, especially when our “church” or “temple” are filled with evergreen trees and sparkling waters in the distance. It is always mind blowing to me how the spirits of nature make their presence known during our celebrations. The eagle appears during the Eagle Feather Blessing, the rain sprinkles during the Hand Washing Ceremony, the elves and fairies seem to peak out during the ancient Hand Fasting Ceremony. And the GOD RAYS!! I always ask that they bless our couple.. they do not always show themselves.!!

Then suddenly it is over… ” I now pronounce you “Married.!” What a fun eternal moment that is… everyone laughs, cries, throws flowers and rice and poof once again we have a marriage. My true calling is helping LOVE live alive in our very challenging world. Whether as new wedding couples, partners ready to renew their connection, families needing to reconnect and even even loved ones preparing to say good bye

So…. who ever you are, where ever you live. If you want to enter into Holy Matrimony or Simply Civil Marriage, I hope you will connect.. there is magic afoot in the world of love and happily ever after, even in the backyard. And if you don’t have a backyard, I have a garden, a beach and lots of other beautiful venues for your wedding.

And if a wedding is not where your life is, I am here. Birth to Death – magnificent touching, personal, joyous, tearful, magical ceremonies for all of your important life moments.

Dearly Beloved, We Are Gathered Here To ……


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