Discover the Unshakable In the Core of Your Being, In The Center of Your Heart

For thirty years I have taught people the practice of “quaking and shaking!” Through simple breathing, witnessing and “being with” what is moving in the body/mind/emotions/psychic field and allowing it to “quake and shake”.

Our survival mechanism wants to avoid this energetic chaos at all costs. Yet when we do avoid it, it shows up in our physical health, relationship conflict and all aspects of our outer world. Energy insists on expression and is ALWAYS moving toward resolution and evolution.

What Fred LaMotte so eloquently and poetically speaks here,( see below) is the invitation to fall into the stillness that cannot be shaken.

Yet how do we do that? When the grip of protection, avoidance and fear of letting go of control has us in its grip, how do we allow ourselves to fall, to let go? One way is to actually join with the shaking. Not identifying or losing ourself in it, but both watching and feeling it at the same time.

As we breath with each tremor something magical occurs, all on its own. There is a sometimes spontaneous and sometimes gradual, “falling in” to the exquisite unshakable ground of being, the peace that passeth all understanding.

Our outer world is inviting us, COME! Quake and Shake with me!!! And then allow the natural, automatic quantum shift that absolutely will occur! You will be carried into that peace, and the profound beauty of pure BEING. When you, and all of us are there, we also automatically create new worlds around us.

From Fred LaMotte:

We now enter the times of the shaking. What can be shaken will be removed, so that what cannot be shaken may remain. We begin to see that our personality can be shaken, our emotions, our minds, our bodies can be shaken. Thrown back into that which is never shaken, we taste the eternal radiance of the Self.

Find that in you which cannot be shaken. This is the crisis, and the opportunity, of our time. The crisis is not race, or gender, or disease, or economic woe. The crisis is an invitation. An invitation to distinguish the changing from the unchanging.

In the silent core of your heart, discover the unshakeable. Discover the pure consciousness of the Self, in whom we are One. One human family. One divine sun with eight billion human rays. Touch the imperishable blue sky beyond the passing clouds. You are That.

This is not a belief, but a direct experience, attained not by philosophy, or science, or politics, but by tapping the original seed, in the stillness of meditation. This is not “spiritual by-passing.” It is touching the ground. The real. The eternal.

We don’t have to rise to the occasion, but fall. Fall inward. Collapse. Touch Being. The most fruitful work we can do, is to Be.

I am afraid. I am uncertain. I am weak. But I Am. For just a moment, let me place no noun, no adjective after the verb. Here is what the stars are singing about. Here is what the silence of boundless night is breathing. I Am. Here is courage. Here is the heart.

~ Fred LaMotte

Picture credit unkown.


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