To All the Brides and Grooms On Hold!!! If you are ready to say “I DO” Let’s DO IT!!!!

Call me and let’s create a beautiful, small and simply sensational ceremony and keep your love shining in the time of Covid19. ( see below for information about how to honor the current stay at home guidelines AND STILL GET MARRIED)

My heart aches for those of you who have had your dream weddings either canceled or put on indefinite hold. After months of dreaming, planning and looking forward to the BIG DAY, now you wait and wonder; when, where, and how you can have the glorious wedding celebration that you perhaps have waited your whole life for.

I am here to share what John Krasinski calls SGN – or SOME GOOD NEWS!

The current stay at home requirements still allow for gatherings of less than ten people with social distancing being honored. AND we can zoom in your loved ones if you want. So if you and your sweetheart are ready to say I DO and you would like a small, intimate ceremony with just a couple of witnesses and friends then LET’S DO IT!

You can contact your local country records office and arrange to get your marriage license by mail and then call me to set a time and date for your ceremony.

I have a very sweet, peaceful garden that makes a beautiful setting and we are also now allowed to be in the parks, forests and beaches so there are lots of outdoor options. I am located on beautiful Bainbridge Island, Washington, just a short ferry ride from Seattle. I am also available to travel to you for your wedding.

More Good News, the larger wedding venues will eventually open and you can have the grand celebration with all your friends and loved ones and I will even come and marry you all over again.

Blessings to all the Brides, Grooms and Love Bugs who are not willing to have another bug stand in the way of their VOWS.
808 212 8694


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