Where The Rubber Meets The Road. Will We REALLY transform our economy going forward? I am certain we will!! Take a Listen!


As both a spiritual counselor and a leadership coach, I have long recognized that in order to change our outer world we must awaken in our inner world.  However that is only step one.   We absolutely must take our increased awareness, kindness, compassion and global community calling and bring it forth into the infrastructures of our world.  There are so many places that is is necessary, like our political world, our religious world or social world, or environmental world,  but in my opinion, none more important than how we create and engage in our our economies.  The all mighty dollar and the compulsive consumerism model for our economy, not only does not work, but frankly is killing us.  Way more severely than this little bug that has been powerful enough to make us stop, FULL STOP. 

While we are at home, there are brilliant hearts and minds considering how we want to go forward.

Please, please, please listen to this amazing Ted Talk.  It explores, What do we value?  Exquisite, insightful, visionary, inspired and brilliant ideas and already happening actions are showing us a way forward in the arena of life that allows us all to survive and if these magnificent ladies have a say in it, THRIVE!!!!  Please note the Talk is narrated by women and all but one of their references are about women in leadership.



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