Do you recognize that you have been called to be a leader in our world?

 Perhaps you do not relate to the title King or Queen, but something in your heart and soul knows you are here to guide, inspire and be a way shower in our world.  Maybe in a formal career position, as a teacher or parent, a healer or facilitator of transformation and maybe simply as an inspired, heart centered, awake human being!  There has never been a time when we have needed you more on our precious planet earth.  Some of you have been leading for many years, some of you have taken the helm very early in life.  WE NEED YOU ALL!

My calling is to serve and support you, to help you care deeply for yourself and ensure that you are filling your well and connecting with the Source that gives you the inspiration, courage and clarity to respond to your life’s purpose.

I am excited to be here to offer you an invitation.


Imagine co designing a two to seven day retreat with me to meet your needs and fill your soul.   Our retreat can be for just you or with a partner, colleague, friend, family member(S), or small group.

Our location will be in the great, glorious sanctuary of nature, think Pacific Northwest islands, Hawaii islands, Costa Rica, Mexico and possibly even beyond.!!! AND are available on land and also by sea.  Whether sailing, or resting in a peaceful retreat center, you will be cared for, nurtured, inspired and sent home ready to share all you have received with those you serve.  IMG_3668.jpgIMG_4374.jpg

Our days will also be co designed with options for yoga, meditation, deep relaxation and unstructured time to simply stare off and BE.  I will create facilitation sessions to attend to your life, work, relationship and leadership “growing edges”.  These sessions will lead to life changing breakthroughs and support you in establishing powerful practices for shifting old patterns and building new pathways to excellence. One of the most important take aways will be greater access and trust in your own inner wisdom. As an important counter balance to these explorations of inner nature we will also have wonderful excursions in our nature based setting.  Walking, hiking, biking, kayaking, and other options are available depending on our location.  Bodywork and energy balancing sessions are another wonderful part of being on retreat and can be arranged for your self nourishment and healing.

A special part of your retreat will be to engage in Blessing Ceremonies.  Any act, gesture or prayer we offer with the intention of activating and inviting in the Divine is a blessing.  Imagine simple, exquisite ceremonies using the elements of nature, music, movement to dissolve the veil between earth and heaven and invoking the support of the divine for all that is near and dear to your heart.  Watch with awe and wonder as the response comes, often through a visitor from the natural kingdom, a dream, a sudden inspirational download, or simply a profound peace settling in your soul.  “I know who I am, I know what to do and I am guided and supported every step of the way”


If this message resonates with you, please call me.!!!  I have been leading these retreats for over thirty years.  I can attest to the extraordinary impact they can have, (even two days!!!) to uplift, renew and even completely re set the trajectory of your life and leadership path.   TIMES, LOCATIONS AND DURATION ARE ALL FLEXIBLE.

The creation process for our retreat:  

Exploratory/Visioning Meeting :  Your needs, wishes, objectives, desires, requirements.

Retreat Proposal: Dates, location, retreat content and schedule, logistics, costs etc.

Retreat Experience and Follow Up:  During and Post Retreat Engagement to Fulfill Objectives and Implement Intentions at home. 

The call to leadership is not really about what you DO but so much more about who you ARE!  The quality of your presence, and connection with your self and your Source of Inspiration are the most important essentials in the quality of your life, work and impact on those who look to you for direction and guidance.

Please come and take deep care of your SELF.  Listen for the YES to this invitation and then join me as we create the experience that matches your knowing that it is time to rest and restore your soul, re fill your well with clarity, inspiration and fire in your belly for your beautiful purpose in our world.   IT IS MY HONOR TO SERVE YOU.


Blessings to each and every one of you, Dear Leaders,


My Purpose Statement:  “I am God’s Grace and By Grace My Life Unfolds”,  808 212 8694 , facebook:  Graceful Living Coaching, Classes and Retreats


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