As summer continues to shine its blessings upon us, it is time to gather again and explore how we can engage in the art of BLESSING. Any gesture, activity or intention that helps us align our human heart with the heart of the divine is truly an act of blessing.

Blessings can be prayers and invocations for assistance, support and protection and also expressions of gratitude and thanksgiving for all that has already been received. We can bless everything from the most simple, like a meal to the most challenging and sublime moments in life. We can bless ourselves, each other, our homes, events, and new stages of life.

From birth to death and every moment in between, we have the opportunity to expand our awareness from the clench of busy-ness and anxiety to the peace and even awe that occurs when we remember that we are never walking alone in our lives and invite in the benevolent bounty of GRACE to bestow its benediction upon us.

The impact of such blessings can simply be an inner shift or can have profound effects in our lives.

Here is a photo of a recent Boat Blessing for Team Sail Like A Girl, before their sailing race to Alaska.  Together we prayed, sang, offered the nature elements as gifts of gratitude for safe passage and courageous, competitive spirit. What a joy to watch this team of women WIN the entire race and indeed find the protection they needed when the challenges of the race were in full effect.


What is happening in your life that would be supported by a blessing ceremony?

This month we will be focusing on learning how to create a blessing ceremony. – for you, for your home, for an important life event, for a new stage in life, for someone you love.

Please join us for a lovely evening in Grace’s Garden, a new Soul Space on Bainbridge Island that is bringing so many blessings and gifts to us, our neighbors and the birds. 🙂

IMG_4305                                                   IMG_4299.jpg


Pre-registration is required and space is limited.  $25. pre paid.  Please call Grace or Amy for more information and to register. Location details provided upon registration.

Grace MacLeod 808 212 8694 Amy Curran 206 579 7252


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