I am excited to introduce you to a new “Graceful Living” offering in partnership with the wonderfully creative Amy Curran.  Through delightful synchronistic events, Amy and I were brought together and discovered that our passion for creating beautiful, soul filled spaces and helping people manifest their visions and dreams through each stage of life were completely aligned.   With only a few conversations we realized that we were both in the perfect place and time in our lives to express this mutual creative joy and VOILA!!


Soul Spaces, Lifestyle Graces is a design and coaching service to help you make your home a sanctuary of beauty, harmony, peace and joy and provides support for creating and sustaining holistic home practices and lifestyle choices that nurture you and help you be your best self in the world.

Imagine having a corner, room or entire home designed by Amy,  with exquisite colors, scents, sounds, furnishings, sacred items and SPACE that is so inviting, soothing and inspiring that you are easily drawn there every day.  Imagine giving yourself a few minutes or an hour or two to BE WITH your self in this space, caring for your body, mind, heart and soul.  Perhaps doing some yoga stretches, breathing exercises, meditation, journal writing, intention setting and even just sitting and staring off.  With each visit to your sanctuary, you are building a force field of peaceful, empowered, harmonious energy, inside and around you that is there to welcome you, help you shift gears into a self nourishing experience and sustains you as you re engage with your life in your home and in the world.

And now imagine that you have a champion and cheer leader, a coach (Grace) to join you in your space, perhaps blessing your sanctuary with a custom created ceremony, and guiding you in envisioning, planning and implementing some practices and routines that can become part of your daily life. Perhaps you want some help with greater flexibility, calming an over busy mind, soothing emotional stress, creating some “fill your well” practices.  Perhaps it is diet and exercise that is your focus or wanting  more play and creative expression in your life.   In the change process, the journey from inertia to lift off is always the greatest challenge.  Company is so much  more supportive than willpower and having a practice partner and guide can make all the difference in setting realistic goals, getting started and maintaining consistent practice.

If you find yourself entering a new stage of life;  marriage, new baby, empty nesting, healing from illness, divorce, retirement or are ready for a space and lifestyle upgrade or make over, please contact us.  Amy and I are available in person and through video conferencing to support you in creating a lifestyle and home space that feeds your soul and fills your life with grace.

Initial Consultation

We will meet with you in your home (in person or across the virtual air waves) We will listen to your needs, wishes, hopes and dreams, both for your home re design and lifestyle changes and then get back to you with a proposed plan.

Implementation Package

Using our Lifestyle and Space Design charts and guided Visioning Process we will help you identify and articulate very specific and realistic goals and then create a custom plan for you, for space creating and or lifestyle routines and practices implementation.  We will work with you through the creation of your space, including clutter removal, remodeling, decor selection and set up.  We will help you find the natural order and rhythm in your day and how to build supportive practices that reflect your personality, aspirations and demands of your life.  If desired, we will design and schedule a series of home practice sessions for you to do on your own or with Grace as your guide.

As with any change process it is necessary to be patient and persistent.  We provide support coaching calls and visits to help you sustain your momentum and continue to make your house your home and your life your joy,  over the years and stages of life.

Who We Are:


Grace MacLeod                             IMG_4566.JPG

Grace has been a personal development and conscious lifestyle coach for twenty eight years.  She was a senior faculty member and resident at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health for twelve years. She has been in private practice for sixteen years facilitating hundreds of people from around the world in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, harmonious relationships, work life balance and fulfilling their dreams and visions.

As a life long nomad, Grace as lived in more than thirty homes.  She is truly able to proclaim that HOME is where the HEART is. Through this unusual life path, Grace as discovered the joy and wisdom of making each new space a place of beauty, harmony and a holistic practice sanctuary that supports her soul journey in each step and stage of her life.

AMY CURRAN                                  IMG_6508.PNG

Amy grew up on Bainbridge Island and returned to Bainbridge 22 years ago with her husband to raise their four children. Five years ago, she went back to work as an interior decorator at a local furnishings store. She is passionate about creating functional, soulful and aesthetically pleasing living spaces for individuals and families. Amy enjoys getting to know her clients and their homes before helping them to recreate and actualize a living space to suit their needs.

A home is capable of going through several transformations over the years to accommodate the dweller’s needs and lifestyle changes. Amy has had the opportunity to do this in her own home through undergoing five interior remodels, several redecorating projects and room rearranging. This personal experience has given her an appreciation for the importance of continuing to update a home as one evolves as an individual or family unit.

Please be in touch by email or phone to being the process of creating your Soul Space and Lifestyle Graces.

Grace MacLeod,,  808 212 8694

Amy Curran, 206 579 7252





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