img_3904.jpgI recently had the joy and privilege of sharing yoga in a grade 5 class that was studying ancient India.   For ten days, I joined them for their first hour of school.  Together we lit candles and incense on our class alter, chanted OM, bowed to the light within ourselves and each other, did sun and moon salutations, meditated with lovely chimes and glitter bottles, snoozed in deep relaxation and learned that all of life flows like a wave to the state of peace and integration when we breathe and watch with our witness awareness and experience every moment fully.

Having been introduced to yoga by my mother at a similar age, it was profoundly moving for me to “pay it forward” to this next generation of young Light Beings.   The gift of yoga has, by far, been the greatest boon of my life.  For such a non-bendy body like mine, I am certain it has been a life saver, however it has been the deep abiding love, wisdom and ability to be fully engaged and present in all aspects of my life,  that I have gained from these ancient practices that has filled me so fully and given me my life’s purpose.

Through out the time of our classes together, I was not always sure how much they were absorbing, but I trusted that simply having the experience would enrich them and plant seeds that would bloom in their own ways.

Little did I know just how much transpired and was transmitted in our brief time together. Blessings upon blessings to their teacher,  Ms. Amy, who released her curriculum goals and practiced right along with us.  What a powerful impact the example of one trusted adult can have!

Please enjoy these amazing, stunning cards the children drew and wrote as their sharing back to me.  ALL OF THIS!!!! in ten short hours of practice!!!!  Imagine what our world would and could be if all children were given the gift of yoga in their lives.

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!  Consider taking your kids to a yoga class and if you would like me to bring yoga to your family or your school, let me know.  The children are calling! Let us respond!


“Dear Grace,

Thank you for teaching me that yoga is not all about being the best at the movement. It’s about the experience. It fills me with happiness.  Love Iris”

“Dear Grace

Thank you for  teaching me how to sit and watch instead of listen to Monkey Mind. Before I started yoga, I wasn’t aware of liking this, disliking that, but now I see that it has always been there, and I will try to keep him calm. p.s. my monkey mind is not as cute as yours.  Love Milo”

“Dear Grace

Thank you for telling us to hold the posture just one more breath or one more second than we thought we could. It showed me that I could stay and stand up for myself.  Love Susu”

“Dear Grace

Thank you for helping me slow my fast life down. Before you came and did yoga with us I rushed through life. Now I do things slower and better.  Thank you so much!!! love Mateo”

“Dear Grace

Thank you so much for doing yoga with our class. You made me realize that yoga is not just about poses and stretches but to worship the great gods and spirits. You taught me how to do hard poses, use my third eye and how to keep calm and centered. And I’m very grateful for that.  Nicola”

“Dear Grace

Before we started doing yoga together, a lot was going on in my family and we were so busy focusing on Christmas and everything you get and not taking time to be still and take time to listen like you taught us. Grace, this Christmas year you gave me something far more loving and kind than a toy doll or a pet pig. You gave the gift of love and nothing is more important to me. I’m a very grateful child this Christmas year.  Love Nora”



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