images.jpg   As we prepare to welcome in 2018, many feel relief that the tumult and distress of 2017 are moving into the review mirror. We hope for a kinder, gentler new year and most of us even dare to dust off our dreams and resolutions and look forward to a brighter tomorrow.  Yet, my sense is that we may not quite be done with the quaking and shaking that LIFE is bringing our way here on dear Planet Earth. We are weary from all the shocking revelations and disruptions that rattle our sense of safety and even break our hearts.

So as we prepare to welcome 2018 I wish to offer you a reminder.    Now more than ever, it is essential to remember the purpose for our lives here.  On some level, whether we know it or not, we agreed to come to a world where “forgetting” and “separation” were the name of the game.  Metaphorically we agreed to move into a field of awareness that is able to block the deep truth.  HOWEVER,  We also agreed that the point of such a game was to REMEMBER!  To find our way through the illusions and to melt back into what is REAL.

SO if you are truly ready to proclaim Happy New Year for yourself and for others, I ask that you begin by reflecting on this one simple message.


Spend just a few minutes sincerely reflecting on, breathing into, relaxing into this message and discover what difference it makes, in your body, your mind, your heart and your soul.    And then consider spending your year looking for proof that this statement is really true!  Look into the ease in your body that occurs from just a few slow, calm breaths. Look into your mind and find the steadiness that occurs when you choose to watch what you see rather than judge it or react to it. Look into your heart and feel the relief when you name and embrace your feelings. And look into your soul, dare to ask: “Even me?  You are here? Embracing Me?  You have never let go?”  I promise you that the answer will be YES!!!!!

And then go out in your world and spend your day finding all the small and magnificent ways the Force of Love is moving in our world.  It is so so easy to keep focusing on the tragedies and terrors of the day or even the stresses and frustrations.  I invite you to find even just ONE sign of proof that LOVE IS HOLDING US FAST.  And when you do, share it with someone.  Be bold,  grab someone’s hand or their attention and say: “look! look at the sunshine glistening on the frozen pond!  Look at the baby laughing!  Look at the frail elder being helped across the street by a stranger! Look at the courageous uprising of multitudes of voices, standing up to power and telling the truth.  Look at the outpouring of generosity and neighbor helping neighbor after catastrophes.”

And in so doing, you will be LOVE’s emmisary.  What a fun and fulfilling way to spend the New Year!   Will you join me?  And if you are needing a little help finding and feeling that Embrace of Love, please call me.  It is my GREATEST JOY to help you find your way HOME!

Blessings of Embracing Love to each and every one of you.  And HAPPY NEW YEAR!




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