From Upheaval To Uplevel

HI Everyone,

I am honored to be included in this amazing on line event that begins tomorrow, April 27th.  I am inviting you to join us- for free.  Here is the link to sign up.

If you have experienced a big upheaval in your life ( or a series of them) and would like some inspiration and insight in how to use these often devastating experiences to create a gateway into powerful transformation and quantum shifts in your life, please join us as a powerful team of experts share their own stories and life learnings.  My interview is on May 2nd and I will be sharing about “The Angel of Struggle”  – sometimes the greatest treasures in our lives are delivered by the angel of struggle.

There is also a facebook page that you are invited to join to share in on going conversation with kindred spirits who are also learning how to Uplevel!


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